Amazon Cloud has dropped its prices

We are really happy to inform you the fact that, Amazon Web Services have slashed its prices greatly and with the brand new offering, you can get all the exciting features offered by Amazon Cloud at a reduced price. Cloud storage prices of both S3 and Glacier cloud platforms have been reduced. Existing customers and new customers are eligible for enjoying this price cut. Let us look at them in detail.

S3 cloud

S3 is the Simple Storage Service and we know that most of you would have subscribed for this service mainly for its flexibility and ease of storage. Seamless storage and backup is provided by S3. Earlier, this cloud service had 6 different pricing tiers and now Amazon has cut it down to just 3. Prices of all these 3 tiers have also been reduced in the range of 15 to 25% and you can get a higher discount by choosing the appropriate storage plan.

All the existing S3 subscribers will experience a drastic decrease in their December data storage bill. Per GB storage price are now in the range of 2 to 2.5 cents compared to the 2.75 to 4 cents range. Isn’t that wonderful! Getting such an attractive price discount from one of the best cloud storage service providers is the most exciting aspect.

Glacier Backup option

Glacier is a retrieval cloud storage service and those of you who have stored data on Glacier would not be using the service quite often. There are 3 different retrieval options on offer right now. Access to the files stored on the cloud will be quicker if you are willing to pay more. Slow access or retrieval is also available for a low cost but you should be ready to wait for it. All the existing and new Glacier subscribers are going to be excited by the 43% price cut that has been implemented.

With these brand new pricing changes, Glacier storage service has eliminated the confusion that most of its subscribers had with the sliding scale pricing. Data storage space utilized and the number of retrievals was used in a sliding scale to determine the pricing of the plan, which at times was really confusing and you would often get put off by the services. Now you can choose from any of the 3 retrieval options and pay according to that.  Let us look at the 3 different retrieval options on offer.

  • Standard retrieval – This particular retrieval option is already on offer and by paying 1 cent per GB of data retrieved, you will receive the data in 3 to 5 hours a day. 1000 retrieval requests are charged 5 cents.
  • Expedited retrieval – Rapid data access can be achieved if you sign up for this particular retrieval option. Pricing is 3 cents per GB and 1 cent per retrieval. Under this plan, you will get your data back in 5 minutes but this time may vary depending upon the demand.
  • Bulk retrieval – This is a cost effective retrieval plan and if you are planning on subscribing for this particular plan, you should be willing to wait long hours. Quarter of a cent per GB is charged and for 1000 requests, one-time payment of 2.5 cents is charged. Data retrieval time takes somewhere between 5 and 12 hours.

These price cuts are definitely worthy and all the benefits that we get from Amazon S3 and Glacier cloud storage service are still there. With these price cuts, Amazon has definitely stepped up its game and we can expect a fierce competition between Google and Amazon in cloud storage front for years to come.

Rank Provider Name Starting Price MoneyBack
Read Review Visit Provider Site
rank 1 JustCloud $4.49/month Anytime visit justcloud visit justcloud
2 MyPcBackup $4.49/month Anytime visit justcloud visit mypcbackup
3 ZipCloud $4.95/month Anytime visit justcloud visit zipcloud
4 BackupGenie $4.49/month 30 Days visit justcloud visit backupgenie
5 LiveDrive $7.95/month 14 Days visit justcloud visit livedrive
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