Is cloud secure?

Cloud storage became very popular mainly because of the drawbacks that users experienced from the age old traditional hard disk data storage services. But will you agree with us if we state that even cloud storage is more or less similar to HDD in a different way. In the case of physical storage devices such as hard disks, thumb drives and so on, you have to store your data on them and have to carry them wherever you go in order to access the files stored on them. Security threats are also a major concern with respect to HDD because you never know when these physical data storage devices get affected by a physical or viral damage. Cloud offered you with a reliable solution for your data storage needs and we know that most of you are happy using it. Cloud is the better option by far and we are going to tell you whether your data will be secure or not.

How is data stored in cloud?

Cloud service providers have storage servers operating from different locations and these servers store all the data provided by the subscribers. These storage servers have hard drives and technically speaking you are going to store your data in the same hard drive as before but in a completely new way. It is also the easy, convenient and highly secure method of storing all your valuable data. Easy accessibility of all your files stored on cloud from any part of the world makes it a cutting edge technology on its own.

Cloud is different

Cloud may use hard drives to store your data but the method implemented by a cloud is totally different and works effectively on a long run too. There is no need for you to store your data on your smartphone or laptop or any other gadget and carry it wherever you go. With just an active and stable internet connection you can access your data using any internet friendly device. Cloud storage servers are operated by some of the leading technology giants of the world and this should make you confident and secure.

Cloud computing

For those of you who not aware what cloud computing actually is! This will be an eye opener for sure. We all know that most of you have either wrong thoughts or have a misconception about cloud computing, well let’s clear the waters for you. Gmail, Dropbox, Office 365 and all other tech giant services that you may use are related to cloud. When you use any of these you are actually using the cloud service operated by them. This includes social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

All these tech giants have their own cloud computing platforms and all your photos, videos, email and other data that you use on the platforms we mentioned before will get stored on their cloud automatically. Cloud computing platform includes servers, storage devices and a computer network connecting everything. Data center operated by these companies near your home will be where your data gets stored. Similar to this, there are private clouds that are operated by companies where all the customers and employees of the organization access data via the private network owned by the company.

Cloud computing also involves a special aspect of workload sharing and the computers that are involved in handling this task often tend to run on full capacity, which is a very good thing. This dynamic performance is very good and creates an efficient work environment. This is also one of the main reasons why security is the main concern for people using it. Public clouds are generally safe compared to other targets set by hackers.

Cloud is safe

We have mentioned to you about cloud, computing clouds and all the complicated processes involved in it. Don’t get exhausted and confused about the process involved in cloud storage, it is actually the safest way to store your data and no other service is as safe as cloud. Public clouds are complex and hackers will not be able to steal your valuable data. It is like finding a needle in haystack. Your data will be in the cloud along with all other data hence you can expect to get total security and privacy for your data.

No instances have been reported so far about data piracy on the cloud and by far we recommend it to be the safest yet. Hope we have answered your doubt regarding cloud safety through this article.

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