Hightail Cloud Detailed Analysis

Hightail is one of the reliable cloud storage platforms around and they have been providing very good and reliable cloud storage solutions for all kinds of customers. File sharing in a secure manner is the main highlight of this particular cloud storage service. Simple file syncing tool provided by Hightail is also one of the notable features. Unlimited storage and bandwidth is also a strong point of this cloud storage service. Drawbacks include the user interface which is cumbersome and there is no 24X7 phone support. If you are looking for a professional solution to send and sync files, then look no further than Hightail.

Target customers

Hightail cloud storage service is offering best in class storage solutions for customers in the space of entertainment, media, marketing, architecture, service industry, advertising etc. The features provided by Hightail seem to be an attractive option for these users. Apart from these specific business organizations, Hightail cloud is also useful for other business organizations as well. Businesses of different sizes will benefit a lot form this cloud storage service and that is the main advantage that we have. Sending and sharing large digital media files is going to be a breeze of an affair. Access of the files stored on the cloud and file sharing and syncing can be performed using all the devices that you possess.

Hightail cloud storage service is used by more than 40 million users all over the world. All business organizations could generate tons of profit without placing their valuable files at risk. If you are not using this service and if you are a freelancer or small business owner or public administration or mid size business organization, then you should definitely take note of the services offered by the cloud because you will find that the package offered by the system is quite attractive and refreshing.

Hightail Specifications

As mentioned before, Hightail is the perfect option for all kinds of business organizations and professionals who are experts in this field. Hightail supports a lot of devices like Apple iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, mobile web application, web based interface and also all the smartphone and tablets that operate based on the OS platforms that we have discussed here. Hightail supports a lot of countries and languages. If you are based in Australia, Canada, USA, UK, Latin America and other European countries then you will be able to make use of the service more effectively. Likewise, the service also supports various languages like English, French, Dutch, Spanish, German and Italian. Customer support is provided in the form of email support, phone support, FAQs, video tutorials, etc. Considering all these specifications, it should be said that Hightail is a robust alternative option for Dropbox.

Key Features

Hightail cloud storage service offers a lot of attractive features and solutions to the users and some of the key features provided by Hightail cloud storage service include the following–

  1. Free storage plan is available and this plan offers you a free storage space of 2 GB.
  2. If you are looking for an unlimited cloud storage plan then you can subscribe for the unlimited storage space plan.
  3. Free cloud storage plan offers you 250 MB of free file sharing whereas the paid plan gives you 10GB file sharing capability. Choose the one that would satisfy your needs.
  4. Free cloud plan includes 5 e-signatures whereas a paid subscription plan offers you unlimited e-signatures.
  5. Secure file delivery is one of the important features that all plan subscribers receive.
  6. Data encryption is also applicable for all plan subscribers.
  7. Desktop and mobile application access is available for all users.
  8. Paid subscribers will get a Microsoft Office plugin.
  9. Paid subscribers also have the ability to receive larger files from anyone.

These are the key features of Hightail cloud storage service. We hope that this detailed review has given you all the information that you need in deciding on whether to choose this cloud storage plan or not. Hightail is the best alternative option for all those who are looking for cloud storage services other than the popular Dropbox and other big players.

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