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Cloud storage service is used by individuals and businesses for all their storage needs and there is no better storage platform available for users right now. There are plenty of cloud storage companies in operation and some of those top companies are operated by the technology giants who are known for attracting more than 70% of the customer base. In this article we will focus our attention on MyPCBackup solution and understand the service offered by the company in detail.


MyPCBackup cloud storage service may not be your straight forward storage option and there are plenty of cloud storage companies and we can understand why you are not aware of this company. MyPCBackup solution is tailor made for those who are not technically great. Not all of us are technical experts and this cloud will be a great option for non-technical people because of the user friendly interface. Smartphone users will also find this cloud backup service useful since the company offers several mobile applications that are compatible for different OS platforms. There are no free cloud storage plans on offer and if you are looking for one then you better look out for other cloud service providers.

Large storage space

Individuals and business customers who are looking for large storage space need not worry a bit because you get to store large files on to the cloud in no time. Unlimited data storage plan is available for individuals at an affordable price. The basic individual data storage plan will allow you to store large quantities of files, documents, photos, videos, and various other files. MyPCBackup turns out to be an exciting option for individuals especially considering the unlimited data storage space that you get for the same price. Users can also find 75 GB and 250 GB data storage plans and this will be a best option if you need a small storage space.

Excellent backup

MyPCBackup sticks to its name by delivering excellent backup service. MyPCBackup control panel works wonderfully well and the transition is smooth. Simply drag and drop all the files, photos and videos of yours on to the cloud server. All the files stored on the server are set to automatic backup and as a result of that, any changes made to your file will be uploaded automatically. You will save a lot of time and money using this automatic backup feature. You can even change the backup settings as per your requirement too. Hourly backups and scheduled backups are also available and this can also be used. Start backup option is also available on the main menu page, which can be selected when you like to perform the backup manually. First backup will be time consuming but all the subsequent backups will not take much time.

File accessibility

All the different files and documents stored on this cloud storage server can be accessed anywhere with just an active internet connection. MyPCBackup smartphone application is available for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and Kindle platforms. Using this, you can access all the files stored on the cloud right from your hand on the move. Some of the advanced features provided here include voice memo recording, notes, doodles and so on.

Storage space option

MyPCBackup also offers customers with the opportunity to gain additional storage space. There is no need for making any additional payment for obtaining more space. Use the mobile application, tweet about the service offered by the company and use many social media posts to earn additional storage space. Subscribers who are with the company for long will get an additional storage space of 1GB every single month. You will not find many companies offering this particular offer so sign up for this service. We have discussed enough about the various positive aspects of this service provider and now it is time to focus on the negatives.

No free subscription

One of the main drawbacks of MyPCBackup is the lack of free subscription plan. Individual users can sign up for three different types of subscription plans that are offered by the company but there is no free plan in it. Taking this into consideration, we must tell you that, MyPCBackup is best suited for those who wish to store large files on the cloud. Different subscription plans include –

  • Individual personal plans – Storage limits under this plan starts from 75 GB and you can even get an unlimited storage plan too. You can upload files that are around 10 GB maximum on to the cloud. Long term subscription plan prices start from $4.49 a month to around $6.95 a month.
  • Business subscriptions – Pricing of this plan starts from $35.94 and will go up to $678.19. Storage space start from 100 GB and go up to 5 TB. Maximum file upload size remains the same.

Multiple computer backup will cost you

Few cloud storage companies allow you to backup data on to the cloud using all kinds of devices that you may possess. In this case, you will have to pay additional fee for performing multiple computer backup. A single computer backup and certain amount of storage space is provided in the basic plan. For those looking to backup multiple computers, you should purchase licenses to perform the backup. If your primary focus is on using multiple computers to backup data then you should look for other players in the market.

Lack of file collaboration feature

Many leading cloud storage companies provide file collaboration whereas you will not find it with respect to MyPCBackup. This is not a collaborative cloud storage service unlike many others. File and folder sharing and syncing remains standard but if you want to edit a file then you should have the file on your computer to perform it.


MyPCBackup is for those who want the best backup service and unlimited storage space. It will not be preferred by those who are looking for a free subscription plan and for those who want a collaborative cloud storage platform.

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