Sugar Sync Review

Sugar Sync is offering a reliable cloud storage service for many years now and they have secured the reputation of providing some of the high quality cloud storage features. Compared to many cloud storage service providers, Sugar Sync is one of the oldest cloud storage platforms and this history of being in the business for a long period of time has given them a good customer base. The quality of features provided by the company has made it retain its valuable customers. Let us have a look at the various features provided by SugarSync.

Sugar Sync – Overview

One of the most important qualities of Sugar Sync is that this particular cloud service provider is the only company in the market that offers customized data storage plan to the users. Customers have the opportunity to choose the type of plan they need. Requirements of the customers will be satisfied with this particular cloud. Users can access their stored files from anywhere and using any of their devices. This ease of accessibility also makes this service one of the best in business.

File synchronization feature provided by Sugar Sync is one of the highlights of this cloud storage provider. All the Sugar Sync customers will be able to get a free 30 day trial period and this trial is completely free. After the 30 day free trial period, the subscriber is supposed to upgrade for a paid version. Friendly User Interface is another stand out feature because all the files you want to store on the cloud can be uploaded with just a click of the button.

Quality features

Real-time backup facility is provided by cloud storage service providers and using this feature all the files you have stored on the cloud can be synced in no time. The interface is supremely customer friendly and you will be able to protect your files on the cloud. Files stored in the cloud can be accessed using all your devices operating in different OS platforms. Files can be stored and accessed using smartphones and tablets, which is another added advantage for the subscriber. Multiple syncing of folders feature is also provided by the cloud and this should be an excellent feature

Smartphone compatibility

Sugar Sync is offering a separate smartphone application for all the users and using this application the user will be able to perform all their file storage and accessibility. Online backup feature provided by Sugar Sync always operates in the background and as a result of this all your duties will not be affected under any circumstance. Automatic file backup facility is provided by the company and this helps users in making use of all the services they get in an effective manner. File versioning and recovery are made possible with the help of Sugar Sync quite easily. File sharing is provided in a seamless fashion without compromising on security and anonymity.


Data protection is one of the important features that all of us like to possess, and that is exactly what you get from Sugar Sync. Data protection and recovery are very effective in the case of Sugar Sync. All your files stored in the cloud can be recovered without facing any issue whatsoever. Security is maintained throughout the entire process and it should not be a problem at all for you to protect your confidential files and data even when uploading or downloading. SSL 3.3 encryption is provided by Sugar Sync and in this particular encryption, all your web communications are safe and secure. This is the industry level standard security encryption that protects all your data activity. Security is ensured even when you are accessing your files stored in the cloud from different devices such as smartphones or tablets or computers or laptops.

All these high quality features make Sugar Sync one of the reliable and top quality cloud storage service provider. If you are someone who is looking for the best cloud storage service provider that enables you to customize your cloud storage plan, then you definitely have to choose Sugar Sync.

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