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Since the Cloud Storage was introduced, many IT professional are still wondering how to use this technology and which provider works best for their needs. It has become easier than ever to store movies, videos, documents, photos and any other important information with the use of cloud storage services. These are remote storage servers that protect your information and lets you go online to view anything saved.

You are now given the confidence of never going anywhere without access to all your data. You get flexibility and more protection by using Cloud Storage.

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud Storage is new remote technology that lets members store data, such as files, movies, videos, photographs and other important documents. The technology is remote, so it does not use up any space on your servers, but can also be access from any operating system and from anywhere, at any time. You go online and access your Cloud Storage account, then retrieve your data or upload your data. You can even share that data with other users through a joint account.

How to Find Best Cloud Storage

CloudStorageBest.com has on-staff information technology specialists that have extensive training and knowledge in cloud storage. Our reviews are conducted by these specialists. The comprehensive checklist our specialists use weed out any providers that offer services that do not meet our quality standards. Our purpose is to provide all the information you will need to assist you when it comes to finding and using the Best Cloud Storage providers. We want you to know about:

  • Free Trial Offer
  • Securing and Encrypting Your Data Storage
  • Unlimited Storage Capabilities
  • Automated Internet Storage
  • Public or Private Access
  • Access From Any Place in the World
  • Sync Your Storage Data with Any Operating System

Best Cloud Storage Reviews

Our Cloud Storage review process uses a multiple checkpoint to ensure our recommendations meet or exceed what you are looking for in a Cloud Storage provider. No other review site in completely autonomous and independent from any provider, but ours. This makes our review more objective than most. Our goal is to provide our readers with the best advice when it comes to selecting and using Cloud Storage services.

We invite you to search through our reviews, read our articles and give us feedback on any Cloud Storage topics. Keep up-to-date with any new cloud storage news or changes in the technology by returning frequently to CloudStorageBest.com.

List of Top 10 Best Cloud Providers

While there are several cloud storage review sites, our site is independent, as well as uses objective professionals to conduct our research studies. While considering everything above and continually updating our research, our team of Cloud Storage professionals have found these provider to currently be the top 10 best Cloud Storage services

Price Storage Space Support OS
Payment Method Rating Result Per/Page

Factors to be Considered When Choosing the Best Cloud Storage

Before deciding to use a Cloud Storage provider, you must consider certain features before buying the best service.


Cloud Storage Cost

Since the cost of storing data online has dropped considerably since the introduction of Cloud Storage providers, many businesses are reconsidering backing up and moving their computer records to a online service. However, you must consider the cost efficiency of the Cloud Storage service you choose to use.



There is so many security risks while online that you can easily get your connection hacked or loose data off your systems. You want a Cloud Storage provider that offers the best security features available and continues to upgrade those security features.


Cloud Storage Service Reliability

Before selecting a Cloud Storage provider, you must determine how reliable the service is and whether it remains stable.


Cloud Storage Recovery

Never select a Cloud Storage service that takes forever to recover your data or upload your new files. You want providers that offer the fastest recovery time available, which can be found through review sites or testing centers.


Online Backup Capabilities

You must consider whether the provider offers automatic backup service to ensure that your files and data are instantly backed up when you upload them to your account.

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