5 Security Measures to Consider Before Using Cloud Storage Service

Using cloud services has become a part of business life. It is a cheaper way of storing and sharing data with a host of users, which IT professionals find to be the easiest way, as well as more convenient. The biggest problem many cloud users are discovering is the security of their files. Privacy concerns and security breaches are being seen by many cloud users, unless they find the right online backup service. Because this is true, using cloud service requires you to consider some basic measure to use to prevent these privacy issues and hackers breaching your files.

1- Hardware and Software

One basic measure you need to consider is the auditing of the hardware and software being used by your cloud provider. You need to carry these audits out using platform modules that are trusted. These modules can be used to automatically audit your equipment for economies of scale. You will have to pay an additional fee for this audit to be conducted by the cloud service to ensure that your equipment meets the basic requirements of cloud users. This audit only ensures the condition of your equipment and not the security of the system.

Before Using Cloud Storage

2- Administrative Controls

Every company needs to ensure that they limit the access to the administrative controls of your cloud service. By limiting access to this confidential information and controls over these files, you can minimize the damage insider attacks to your cloud account can create. Administrative tasks do need to be conducted by different administrators to ensure that they are being conducted properly and not one person has control over everything. The tasks should randomly be assigned and changed periodically to eliminate any one person from targeting any specific file.

3- Bankruptcy Preventive Measures

Many companies that use cloud services do not consider the possibility of the cloud provider going bankrupt. If a cloud service does go bankrupt, all your files, storage infrastructure and applications belong to the creditors, not you. To ensure you are protected, you need to contact your cloud service and sign a contract with them to ensure that you can replicate any of the software used for your infrastructure that is being used by the cloud provider. You also need to purchase insurance contracts to protect your files, infrastructure and applications. These measures can protect your files and give you the funds needed to operate the same infrastructure after bankruptcy. The insurance policy should cover any costs you ensure for changing from the bankrupt cloud provider to a new cloud service.

4- Illusory Billing Preventive Measures

Some cloud service bill you for more resources than you actually use. You need to ensure that you know how many of these resources and storage space you are actually using and confirm the monthly bills show the same amount. You can test your requirements before you start using a cloud and upgrade when necessary. This needs to be done before and during your cloud services usage.

5- Remain Classified

Many hackers do not target your equipment, but the equipment used by the people you share your files with. You need to use a hyper-vision protection to ensure that it is used on all tenant data. Users communicating on the same cloud account should use the protocols installed instead of the hyper-vision. You can also request your cloud service to place additional restrictions on any outsider attempting to look for a cloud tenant. Instead of using email addresses or names, the cloud service can have the outsider look for the IP addresses, which only you can provide. This ensure extra security to your files.


While these are not all the security measures you need to consider when using cloud services, they are some of the most important ways to avoid hackers. We have conducted an in-depth quality check of all the cloud services and found these 10 to be the best when it comes to security features and protection of their clients. You can check out each one to determine what security measures each one uses and which one will work for you.

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7 50 GB $9.99/month No ratings read dropbox review
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