Analysis of Personal Online Backup

Personal Online Backup services are not complicated and are easy to obtain at the present state. There are different service providers in the market and choosing the best one is the key. Most of the online backup services offer automatic backup without making the borrower worry about scheduling it. Those who prefer to have control over the online backup service they choose can even schedule the backup on their own. Backup and syncing can even be done over multiple computers and there are services that offer this mainly. Before opting for an online backup service, one should be aware of the services they would be able to obtain, the benefits of the same and also the drawbacks of each and every one of them.

Need for online backup

It is necessary to obtain the best Personal Online Backup service and the service should be mainly focused towards preventing any data loss that might occur. Complicated services should not be chosen since there must be an ease in the operation of the program. The article would provide a detailed analysis of the positive and negative aspects of the backup service, which would help an individual in differentiating the best from the rest.

Uncertainty issues

Desktop computers and laptops might incur various kinds of problems over a long term usage and this is the ultimate truth. Suddenly hard disk might crash or the processors in the CPU might get affected or overheated due to some problem or the other. All these issues cannot be controlled. The outcome of such situations would be data loss and the best way to prevent this from happening is by making use of online backup services.

Viruses affect the data badly and most of the users have started facing the adverse outcome of such instances. Viruses would not only infect the data, but would also cause serious damage to the laptop or any other device which it infects.

Online backup

All the important files, photos, documents etc. can be stored over an online backup service. The best provider should be chosen and upon signing up with them, they would provide software which should then be downloaded into the personal computer or laptop of the user. The setup would guide the user over the entire process of Personal Online Backup. The installed software would ask the user whether to perform the backup automatically or manually. In the case of manual backup, the user would be able to choose the type of files they wish to backup. Manual backup would be the best for people who deal with numerous data, as they can prioritize the data that are to be backed up, based on their importance.

Most of the service providers offer online backup under certain annual or monthly subscription fees. One would rather pay these fees to protect their data than losing them once and for all. Personal Online Backup service is just like data insurance. The fees charged on them would not be as high as charges imposed on a medical insurance policy or a life insurance policy.

Concept of online backup is similar to that of a web hosting service. In case of an online backup, the user would be able to rent a particular space where their data would be stored as backup, similar to that of a web hosting service which would help the user create and manage their website. Fees charged for online backup services would differ with respect to the type of service provider. Those who make use of the backup services with a single service provider for a longer period of time would be eligible for discounts and other special offers. Services that are based on the GB size of the space that the provider offers are also popular amongst the users. Those who wish to obtain unlimited backup services can even opt for the same.

Merits of online backup

  • People who are not tech savvy and would find difficulties in managing the backup process would be able to opt for an automatic backup setup which would help them in protecting their files quite easily.
  • Once the data backup is done, it would provide an easy accessibility to the individual. The data can be accessed from different computers and from different locations. Irrespective of the type of device, one would be able to access their data. This is one of the most beneficial factors of an online backup.
  • All the data placed by the user on the web space is stored securely over an off-site platform. Thus, security is given top priority.
  • Data deduplication happens automatically.
  • The files get segregated in the platform automatically.
  • Data service providers make use of a 448 bit encryption, which is strong and secure.

Pitfalls of online backup

  • Depending on the size of data used for the backup, the time frame taken for the backup would differ. Larger the size of data files, longer would be the time taken for the backup. This is especially true in the case of a first time backup. Backup that is performed for the very first time would take a longer duration.
  • In certain cases, the user would not have control over all the data that he or she stores on the platform.
  • Personal Online Backup would not be costly when compared to the fee that has to be paid by business owners and multinational companies. Huge companies would have their own personalized servers whereas small and medium sized companies would be dependent on online backup service providers.
  • There is a potential risk of hackers and frauds who might grab hold of all the valuable information of the user.

Online Backup and Online Storage


By now, readers would have become familiar with the Personal Online Backup service and the factors surrounding it.

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7 50 GB $9.99/month No ratings read dropbox review
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10 50 GB $5.33/month No ratings read sosonlinebackup review
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