Do You Know How to Back Up Your Computer?

Data might be possessed by individuals and businesses in different forms and it is a mandate to protect them whatsoever. Every single day, numerous amounts of data get processed by a business organization and their operations would be successful and they would stand tall in the business arena only with the help of proper data backup. For individuals and employees, there are specific files, documents, photos, videos etc. that should be kept secure throughout their lifetime and also to sustain in their job. Whether it might be a small amount of data or a large bulk amount of data, it would be necessary for the user to maintain a complete computer backup of all the files possessed by them.

In order to backup data, individuals and businesses should be aware of the data that is of top priority to them and the type of backup they are going to use in order to secure their valuable files and documents. There are two types of computer backup methods that are in practice at present and of these two types, one type i.e. the hard disk based data storage system has been around for a while and the other type, which is the outcome of the research and development that has been made in the field of data backup, is cloud based online storage system. Both these types of computer backup systems would be analyzed in detail separately.

External hard disk based computer backup system

This type of storage system has been around for decades. Files, documents, photos, videos and other files that should be stored in a secure place would be stored in devices like external hard disks, pen drives, CDs etc. Business organizations would possess larger hard disk servers which would help them store all their data. Cost for each of these data storage equipments would differ. CDs would cost the least whereas hard disks would cost the highest. With the help of CDs, one would be able to store a lower amount of data whereas hard disks provider larger storage space and so large amount of data can be stored. Business organizations would have to spend a lot of money just for buying storage equipment. Once the equipment is bought by the individual, the next step would be to store the data onto the equipment. Different equipments possess different storage procedures. It is necessary to follow the steps in order to perform the backup correctly.

Individuals who make use of a hard disk to store their data would have to connect the external hard disk to the computer and wait for the process to get initiated. Automatic backup service would not be available mostly and it is the individual’s duty to copy and paste the files onto the hard disk folder or would have to drag and drop the files and folders that have to be stored securely. This particular storage process would be time consuming and with respect to the size of the files, the amount of time taken for the storage to be successfully established would be longer. During the backup process, the person would not be able to concentrate on other works, since it is necessary to make sure that, the data gets transformed correctly and all the data are stored at the right place.

For business organizations, data storage using external storage equipment would be tedious since they would have to employ certain group of employees in order to monitor the storage process and there lies the risk of data theft too, since there is a chance that one of these employees might transfer the data to the competitive firm. Thus, organizations should be careful in choosing the best employee for data backup duty. Employees should be aware of the proper backup process in order to save time and data. Organizations would have higher costs to pay in order to buy the equipment and to pay for the personnel to manage the equipments.


Major drawback with respect to external equipment based data backup system is that, in case of physical damage such as fire, equipment loss or others, the data possessed by the individual or the business would be completely lost and it would lead the user to a much worse situation. Storage space is something which would grow over years and there would not be a cut down in that. Thus, the costs that have to paid towards external hard disks would also increase over time. If the file that is stored in the backup equipment requires changes or alteration, then data storage would not occur automatically and so the entire process should be followed right from the beginning. This would consume a lot of time for the individual and business. All these drawbacks can be overcome by making use of a Cloud based backup storage system.

Evolution of Backup Devices

Cloud or Online backup storage system

In this storage system, there is no need for the person to carry an external device which contains the backup data. There is no need for the individual or the organization to spend money on buying the device, since the storage can be made online without any physical device requirement. Cloud based online storage system is provided by a lot of backup storage companies and each of them offer different storage plans. Another major benefit of cloud based storage network is that, the computer backup process would be less time consuming and it would not disrupt the daily activities of the business or the individual. Backup would be performed at the background accurately and there is no need to scratch the heads. Automatic backup is made possible using a cloud based online storage system. Any stored file or document that gets altered would be automatically updated in the online backup without the person having to remind the system to backup the file or manually saving it again.

Online backup storage providers offer storage plans focused towards personal use as well as business use. Personal storage plans would have a lower storage space when compared to Pro storage plans. Unlimited storage plans are also available for users. Based on the storage space provided by the cloud storage system, the monthly or annual subscription fee would differ. During any data loss, the user would be able to recover all the data stored in the online cloud storage just before the occurrence of the damage. Such is the benefit of an online storage system. Online storage providers offer flexible storage plans for both individuals and businesses. Thus to conclude the discussion of computer backup systems, the best and reliable data storage system is online cloud backup storage system and it has a definite winning edge over the conventional external hard disk based storage system.

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