Backblaze – The only place Where you Can Win Online Backup Worth $1 Million

Rest assured, you can always be sure that your computer files won’t be lost no matter how many times your system decides to get corrupted, thanks to Backblaze Online Backup. With its name already buzzing on the technological front, Backblaze is now giving some chosen few a whopping $ 1 Million worth of backup for a period of three months.

San Mateo, CA, March 30, 2013 –

To honour the World Backup Day which will be celebrated on the 31st of March, Backblaze has come up with a jaw dropping contest. Backblaze, which is a well known online backup provider has come up with a contest that will leave you stunned. They are offering free online backup to selected new customers for 3 months worth a whopping $ 1 Million!

What is the procedure?

Customers can store an unlimited amount of data which roughly includes music files, video files, photos, documents and anything under the sun that forms part of your computer data at just $ 5 a month. What Backblaze does is, it conveniently keeps updating the data from your computer on to its online backup system, which is completely safe and secure. This is a smart move for anyone who has important documents stored on their computers as your back up will be maintained in the event of a computer crash or theft.

Backblaze – The only place Where you Can Win Online Backup Worth $1 Million

Why is this important?

Imagine losing your cell phone in a mall. It will set your blood pressure soaring and your heart racing since you have a lot of important things on your phone, not to mention, the phone itself burnt a hole in your pocket when you decided to buy it. What if someone was kind enough to return to you the belonging that holds so dear to your heart? Backblaze is just like that kind person. When it comes to the US, it is estimated that only 10 % of the people create a backup for their files while almost 3 out of 4 people were upset when their data was lost.

How can you enter this contest?

MAC and PC users who are new and wish to avail of this contest should register with Backblaze on  and must enter an email address that is valid. You need to be among the first 66,667 customers to avail of this offer. The first aforementioned customers will receive a unique code which will be further used to avail of the 3 months free online backup service. However, the contest closes the World Backup Day (March 31, 2013 11:59 PM PDT), so you need to hurry!

What is Backblaze?                  

Backblaze is an excellent team of people who wish to provide security, reliability and scalability to its customer base. They are very well renowned for providing online backup services. It boasts of several laurels and awards, the most remarkable being the ‘Best online Backup Service of 2013’ by, was a finalist on the 2013 CODie Awards and is among the Global Top 250 private Companies of AlwaysOn.

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