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Data security has become a serious issue due to the occurrence of numerous instances where people have lost their valuable data all of sudden due to some reason or the other. There might be a lot of reasons for losing data, but it is not possible to zero in on those and prevent them from attacking the system because different problems arise at different times. Data management cannot be maintained even by technology freaks, and then just imagine the condition of a beginner who wants to maintain their own blog. Thus, the best option available for a website manager is to have a backup for WordPress. All the files maintained in the system could be stored with the help of a backup system.

Backup for WordPress is mandatory

One might spend a lot of time and money for starting and maintaining their own blog, but the same person might not put in place a backup plan which would provide data security to their website.

Process of Backup for WordPress

For websites operating on a WordPress platform, backing up data can be done in two prominent ways. One is by using WordPress plug-ins and the other is by server backups. Most of the WordPress plug-ins works in a similar manner by which, the user would be able to save data on to a local location such as their email or cloud storage account of theirs as per choice. 100MB free online space is also provided by this particular method which can be utilized to store data too.

Most of the well-known WordPress plug-ins would provide data transfer using an encryption code and so the level of security is very high. A lot of personalized managing options are even provided to the users. With these numerous benefits, come certain drawbacks too. As far as plug-ins is concerned, they are PHP based. In general, PHP based systems are inefficient. They are regarded as unreliable components for maintaining backups. This system is bound to have errors and this might be utilized by hackers or frauds to get through the system and gain access to it, which might cause damages. This is especially true in the case of a Linux system. Most of the plug-ins work with respect to a WordPress server and would not correlate it with a Linux server which would lead to the occurrence of numerous problems.

Another major drawback of a WordPress plug-in backup for WordPress is that, in most cases, the data stored as backup using these seem to get lost along with the data corruption that might have occurred to the system and it would be difficult to regain the lost content. Compared to WordPress plug-in backup storage system, host provided backups would be a better option. The host would automatically backup all the data stored in the website on a daily basis and would store it on their backup system and so this would be beneficial for the WordPress site manager. Most of the well-known WordPress hosts provide beneficial services. Drawback of a host backup service is that, if the data gets corrupted by a hacker, the person should raise the issue with the host and would have to wait for the result of it. This would cost them a lot of time and money.

Backup for WordPress – Plug-ins

  • Vault Press is one of the most popular and well-known backup plug-in. Advantages of this particular plug-in is that it would provide a one-click restore process, interface is very simple to understand, backup scheduling is provided and concierge service is offered by Vault Press. Drawback of this particular plug-in is that, it would not provide an option for storage location. For a basic customer, the service offered would be charged at around $15 per month and for high enterprise websites, it would be $350.
  • Blog Vault is another paid backup service. Users would be able to obtain a free trial of this plug-in which would help them in understanding the program in a better manner. Price of their service is site-based i.e. for one single website, they would charge around $9 per month and on a package, for around 7 sites, a price of $39 would be charged.
  • BackWPup is one of the best free backup plug-ins. Simple and easy to manage the backup due to the provision of storage locations, folders, backup scheduling etc. Drawback of this is that, security is limited and there is no warranty on the data backup.
  • Backup is another backup for WordPress plug-in. This is one of the top search results while searching for a reliable Backup plug-in in WordPress. This too is offered free of cost. Scheduling and the option which allows the person to decide the storage location are few of the highlights of this particular plug-in. Using this particular plug-in is quite simple.

Apart from the above mentioned backup for WordPress plug-ins, there are various other plug-in offered to the website managers and few of those would include WP-DP-Manager, WP-DP-Backup, Press Backup, SME Storage, WP Time Machine, Backup Breeze, Cloudsafe 365, Backup Buddy, Updraft Plus, Backup Breeze etc.


These are the various backup plug-ins offered to the users and those who feel that backup is not needed or useless should understand what they would lose and the costs they would have to incur in case of data loss. Reworking on the data is not an easy task and even years of hard work would go in vain. Thus, backup for WordPress is a must.

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