Basics of Microsoft SkyDrive

Windows SkyDrive is a free of cost online data storage and backup software provided by Microsoft, which backs up all your valuable data and files to the cloud. Using SkyDrive, you can store your data and files securely and access them whenever and wherever you want. One of the most significant SkyDrive pros and cons is that it can be installed not only on your PC, but also on all types of mobile devices, inclusive of smart phones, iPad, Android, etc. You can upload almost all types of files on Microsoft SkyDrive, such as photos, documents, as well as audio and video files.

SkyDrive Pros and Cons

Under SkyDrive pros and cons, let us first see the advantages offered by it to its users.

  • Backup your sensitive files and images: The most obvious one of all SkyDrive pros and cons is that you are allowed to “outsource” the backup of your valuable files and images to Microsoft for free. SkyDrive offers you with 25 GB of free storage on the web. This is quite a large storage space. For instance, with this amount of space, you can store up to 15000 high resolution photographs and in case of documents, you will be able to store 1.5 million of those.
  • Easy access to files: The next huge benefit in SkyDrive pros and cons is that you access your uploaded files from anywhere on any device that contains a browser. All you need to do is log in to your SkyDrive account on the browser and you are good to go. You can also access SkyDrive on smartphones and other mobile devices. You can add new files, data or images and share them with your friends directly from your smartphone.
  • Sharing made easy: SkyDrive allows you to share photographs and documents of all types to people you know. With SkyDrive, you can choose the list of people who can access your files or view your photos, or make it publicly available as well.
  • Easy editing of your Office documents: Allowing access to Microsoft Office Web Apps is a part of the SkyDrive service. This is an online version of Microsoft’s most popular Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. This is an excellent benefit because, if you are accessing your SkyDrive files on a PC that does not have Microsoft Office installed in it, you can still make changes to your files directly on the web.

As with any other service, SkyDrive also has disadvantages of its own. As most businesses have started using online storage and backup services, SkyDrive remains at top of the list of preferences. Though SkyDrive encrypts the data or files when they are being uploaded, and Microsoft carries out all available precautionary measures to protect those files from cyber criminals, there are certain other security issues that bother businesses. These concerns may include security during file sharing, and occurrences of downtime and other natural disasters.

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