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Linux is a computer operating system that is Unix-like put together under the free and open source model for distribution and development. The landscape of Linux is changing constantly and has a powerful community of both users and developers. It is one of the most widely used operating systems by both individuals and businesses alike. And with increase in the amount of data being used and stored by both individuals and business, occurrences of data loss are also in the increase. For a business, data loss can cost uncountable hours in lost revenue and productivity. Hence, it becomes extremely essential that you maintain online backup for Linux operating systems that you use in your devices.

Importance of Online Backup for Linux

Your data is priceless. It will cost a lot of effort and time to recreate lost data, and that costs large sums of money. In some cases, it cannot even be recreated. For instance, if you have lost the results of an experiment done for years, then it is impossible to retrieve them back, unless you put in twice the effort and resources. Since your data is an important investment, you should take necessary steps to protect it and avoid data loss.

You might lose your valuable data due to the following basic reasons: software bugs, hardware failures, natural disasters, or unexpected human actions. Though modern hardware can be quite reliable, they can still interlude apparently spontaneously. Hard disk is the most crucial piece of hardware used to store data, which could end up disastrous in some circumstances. Online backup for Linux is a way to protect your investment in data. If you have several backup copies of your data, it would not matter if you happen to lose one.

It is also important that you perform your online backup for Linux properly. As with any other physical entity, your backups will also fail sooner or later. An important part of performing a backup is to note that it works properly. You might encounter a bad crash while backing up your data. If you have only one medium for backup, it might also get destroyed, leaving you with nothing for all your hard work. Also, in some cases, you might forget to backup some important file or detail when restoring. Hence, it is important that you perform your online backup for Linux as well as restorations properly.

How to Select a Backup Medium?

The most crucial decision when it comes to online backup for Linux is the selection of the backup medium. Some of the important factors that you should consider include: reliability, cost, speed, usability, and availability.

Reliability is the most important factor when choosing the medium, since a broken backup medium can lead to losses of different kinds. The backup medium you choose should be able to restrain data for years without corruption. The way in which you use the medium will influence its reliability as a backup medium. Online backup is considered to be one of the most reliable backup mediums by experts.

Cost is the next important factor. Usually, the cost for storage depends on the amount of space you use to store your data. Since, the amount of data you store may increase over time, it is important that you choose an online backup provider that offers services at cheaper prices.

If you can perform your data backups without the need for interactions, then speed is not an issue to be considered. As long as the online backup for Linux is automated, the amount of time taken to backup is not really a consideration.

Usability is another important factor that influences your data backups. The online backup you choose should be easy enough to make more backups in less time.


Advantages of Online Backup for Linux

The following list is some of the most important benefits you may enjoy from using online backup for Linux:

  • With online backup for Linux, you always have a backup of all your files or data, no matter what happens. At the end of every day, the backup of your data is performed automatically and safely stored immediately away from your home or office. Even after occurrences of natural disasters or theft, you still can retrieve you data with a single click.
  • Online backup for Linux functions tacitly in the background and provides you with regular updates so that you do not have to worry about it. You can request for a comprehensive report about the backup after every completion of your data backup. You can schedule the backup for any time of the day, to ensure that your productivity does not get affected by it.
  • In spite of you having to pay a small subscription charge for your online backup for Linux, it will eventually offer considerable cost savings since it will eliminate the costs associated with tapes, tape streamers, server, and backup software, and also eliminates the time required to backup and verify. Also, conventional backup methods will require 24/7 running of dedicated backup server, which is not required in case of online backups, saving considerable amounts on your energy costs.
  • Online backup is always readily available for restoration. You can restore all your data from anywhere, at any time, and on any internet-connected device with just a click of a button. Certain online backup providers would also deliver your backed up data by carrier so that you do not have to wait for your data to be downloaded over the internet.
  • Online backup for Linux is a safe option for backing up your valuable data. All your data will be automatically encrypted before it is transferred over the internet for backing up. This ensures complete security of your data against prying eyes.
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