Cheap cloud storage Good or Bad?

When we are in the market looking for a reliable cloud storage service, we often neglect the importance of the service and rely mainly on the costs of it all. The number of users who might need a cloud and the number of devices you may use to backup your data should also be taken into consideration. File syncing and sharing requirements should be evaluated and you need to select a cloud based on that too. Selecting a cheap cloud service will be a straightforward option for many users but you need to understand the true implications of a cloud before you make a decision. Being cheap doesn’t make the service provider cheap in all cases hence you must evaluate case by case.

Cheap storage option

Tagging a cloud storage service to be a cheap one differs from one subscriber to another. Individual users are the ones who are looking to subscribe for a free or cheap storage option mostly. If you subscribe for a long term membership plan then the costs you’d incur will automatically reduce considerably. Many online cloud storage solutions offer exciting discounts and offers across all the different subscription plans they offer. A multi-year extended cloud subscription model is provided by many leading cloud companies which is also an exciting option.

Annual subscription plans are better on the long run when compared to heavily price monthly memberships but it is the wiser choice. On the other hand, monthly subscriptions offer you the option of choosing a different service provider, if you are not satisfied with all the features offered by the company. Long term commitment will be a better option only for those who are going to use cloud for a long time period without any change in their requirements. Yearly membership plan is the best choice for long term users.

Free cloud services

Cloud storage companies are offering multiple membership plans for their users. Both free and paid services are available. Free trial is another model offered by companies to test out all the features as a trial before making a long term commitment for the service. Free cloud services do not provide many features like the one provided by a paid service, which is ground reality. Free cloud service will often make you wanting for more and thus, if you are looking to enjoy a complete storage service then a paid subscription plan will be perfect.

Unlimited and cheap

Most of you would have come across this statement because you can find plenty of cloud storage solutions that state to be offering unlimited data storage space at very low cost. This service will be perfect for subscribers who are looking to store unlimited photos, videos, music and so on. You can even find unlimited storage plan for as low as $5 per month. Many attractive discounts, offers and promotions are offered by cloud companies quite often and you can make use of them to your advantage. Data security is provided in the best fashion only by a cloud.

We have discussed about all the factors associated with a cheap or free cloud storage service. Pricing is one of the important deciding factors but that alone should not be your prime shortlisting criteria. Sort out your requirements and then start looking for clouds that deliver them in the most affordable and reasonable fashion. Annual subscription is a way to cut down your costs so evaluate all the features offered by a cloud before you make the final decision.

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