Chinese cloud companies

Cloud storage service has turned the way people store their data completed in the last couple of years. Techies, IT companies and many multinational business organizations have started venturing into the cloud business seriously. Growth of cloud has been enormous and with more and more established companies coming into business, the competition is getting stiffer. China is one of the powerhouse nations mainly because of its technological developments and capabilities. Chinese companies are performing really well in cloud space and now it is time for us to take a serious look at them.

Cloud in China

Several Chinese companies have started their cloud storage business entity to cater growing online storage and backup needs for both individuals and business organizations. Free, paid and premium cloud storage services are offered in China. If you are getting started then you can learn a lot by signing up for a free storage plan in the first place. If you need to store only few documents then a free service will be more than enough. There is a cloud that even offers 1TB of cloud storage space for free. Chinese users can make use of this service and for people outside China you could definitely try it out.

Cloud companies of China

Cloud industry in China comprises of two major players – one is Weiyun and Yunio. These two cloud storage provider account to a major share of all the cloud activities in the country. Remote data storage centers are managed by these companies which store bulk of all the data uploaded by the users. Many standard cloud features such as desktop support, mobile app, file sharing, syncing, backup, password protection, and many more features are offered. Yunio cloud offers 1TB of storage space as free and similarly Weiyun offers a massive 10GB free data storage space.

Impressive storage space

Chinese cloud companies are totally different from others in terms of the impressive storage space that they offer. If you are not worried about any other factor then you could sign up for any of these. We would not suggest that because you need to understand all the other features on offer before subscribing for one. Some individuals do not prefer their data to be stored in a different country or location. Cloud server performance and delay in accessibility are also some of the factors to consider. Infrastructure and reliability are two major flaws of Chinese cloud companies. Data uploading time is very slow and you could also experience delays in data uploading and sharing.

Chinese laws

There are stringent rules, regulations and conditions which is a huge drawback. The laws governing online data storage is very strict. Certain files cannot be stored on the cloud, which is not acceptable in many ways. Government has ordered companies to monitor and track all the data stored, shared and synced by a cloud subscriber. This does harm our privacy and most of the users who want security would not want such a service.

Security threats

Although Chinese cloud companies are at par with other leading global cloud services, when it comes to security threats, they are nowhere near the competition. Security threats may come even in other cloud servers but in case of Chinese storage servers, the risk is only higher. Storage space on offer is the attractive aspect of cloud but the security threats negate that considerably forcing user to look for other storage options. Before you make a decision make sure to evaluate the service provider across all parameters.

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