How to Choose a Cloud Storage Provider?

One of the most appealing aspects of cloud storage is the amount of freedom it offers. The pay for what you use pricing option, reduction of volume or term commitments, and the ease of access makes it the most preferred choice among individuals and business organizations alike. In recent years, the number of cloud storage service providers in the market has been increasing significantly due to the escalating demand and hence numerous cloud storage providers claim to offer the best possible services, making it even more confusing for you when it comes to choosing one of them. Once you have made the decision to move to cloud based storage, you should start researching the various options you find in the marketplace.

Before you actually choose the cloud storage provider you wish to collaborate with, there are certain aspects you should take into account in order to recognize your requirements and choose the provider satisfying all those requirements. Though most of you would have heard people talking about “the cloud” every now and then, the fact is that there are several clouds, each of which are established and maintained by providers of its own. These providers determine the features offered by the cloud storage service they offer.

Abundance of Cloud Providers

With such a vast variety of cloud providers to choose from, business organizations might be allured to try all of them by distributing their total workloads among different providers. But very soon those organizations start to realize that such a strategy brings about more issues than solving the already existing ones. This is because, the need to manage different environments of different vendors by way of multiple consoles and with changing performance parameters and pricing schemes gives rise to overwhelming anxiety to the organization’s IT team. In addition to this, collaborating with more than one vendor will probably reduce the ability of the organization’s employees to perform crucial cloud functions, such as storage or recovery or backup. This might expose the organization to potential risks of losing its important business data.

If every cloud storage providers offers distinct features for the services they offer, how can an organization select a single provider to cater its different needs? Well, the key to this selection is to make sure that the provider will offer varied and flexible services to meet the changing workloads of the organization, at present and also in the future.

Cloud Storage

What Should You Look For in a Cloud Storage Provider?

Following are some of the prime aspects you should look for when choosing a cloud provider for your organization:

The first challenge for your organization would be to find a cloud provider that has a portfolio including a wide range of environment for your workloads. Hence, following are the characteristics you should look for pertinent to the cloud portfolio:

  • Flexibility: As different workloads would require different environments to operate in, they will also require distinct delivery parameters as well as configuration. Therefore, the cloud storage provider you choose must provide you with a wide range of options pertinent to resiliency, security, and performance, enabling you to choose and pay for only those settings you need for your workload.
  • Security: When you decide to move your business data to the cloud, you are basically giving custody of all your important information assets to a third party. The cloud provider must take all necessary steps to protect these assets in order to earn your trust. So, it is important that you choose a provider that gives much priority to security. Make sure that the provider has constructed its cloud architecture to provide ultimate protection, which includes ways to protect your data from cyber attacks, clear access controls, etc.
  • SLAs: SLAs are Service Level Agreements, commonly known as the fine print, contained and offered by every service provider. Remember to thoroughly read this agreement and ask questions about anything you find disoriented. Make sure that the terms mentioned in those agreements are purposeful to you as well as to your business.

All the above mentioned characteristics are extremely essential if you are planning to choose a cloud storage provider to provide custody of all your critical business data and applications.

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justcloud justcloud Unlimited $4.49/month Anytime ratings read r
2 Unlimited $4.49/month Anytime ratings read mypcbackup revie
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3 Unlimited $4.95/month Anytime ratings read zipcloud review
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4 Unlimited $4.49/month 30 Days ratings read backupgenie review
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5 Unlimited $7.95/month 14 Days ratings read livedrive review
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6 60 GB $4.99/month 30 Days ratings read sugarsync review
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7 50 GB $9.99/month No ratings read dropbox review
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8 125 GB $7.99/month No ratings read mozy review
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9 50 GB $4.91/month No ratings read carbonite review
read carbonite review
10 50 GB $5.33/month No ratings read sosonlinebackup review
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