Choosing the best online backup service

Important documents such as business files, photos, music files and other documents would be stored in electronic devices such as desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets etc. Every electronic gadget possessed is prone to any virus attacks or other forms of technical failures which would lead to the non-functioning of them. Suddenly, if the person finds their device not opening or malfunctioning, then their immediate worry would be about the loss of all their important files. One would have spent a lot of his or her time and effort in collecting all the data, photos, videos, etc. and it is necessary to protect them from any of the problems that might occur. Online backup services are offered mainly to prevent such a disaster from happening.

Online backup service providers

There are numerous backup service providers in the market. Choosing the best one really matters. Better the provider better would be the security and performance of the service offered by them. In order to choose the best online backup service provider, one should be aware of the different features that should be evaluated in a provider. Security is the main evaluating factor; one should make sure that the service provider they opt would keep all their valuable data safe and secure. External hard disks, CDs etc. are few of the forms of external securities which would help the person protect their data, but even these can get damaged due to certain factors, thus the best way to protect the data would be through online backup. Major benefit of an online backup service is that, the person need not carry other data protecting gadgets like hard disks, USB drives etc. all they need would be a trusted internet connection.

Off site backup is also provided by most of the online backup service providers. In few cases, laptops or mobile phones get stolen or lost and under such scenario, the person need not worry about the data they saved in their laptop, as online backup would help them obtain their data. During accidents or disasters such as fire, the person could lose their data and even under such a situation, online backup would be the best option. Further discussed in this article are the various factors that have to be considered in choosing the best online backup service provider.

Rate or Price

Cost that has to be paid by the user for the services offered by an online backup service provider would play a crucial factor in deciding the best service provider. All or most of the online backup providers charge for the services provided by them either on a monthly or annual basis. Those who wish to test or evaluate the services of a provider can opt for a monthly payment plan, since if they do not like the services then they can switch to another provider. Data backup is a long term factor and it would be better if the person opts for an annual payment package. Certain online backup service providers even offer discounts when the user subscribes with them for a 3 or 4 year subscription package. Even for a one-year package, users would be able to get some discount.

Price of the service offered by the service provider is directly proportional to the space of storage used by the individual. Those who wish to save lots of data should pay a higher cost for it. Annual package would help them save a lot in the price.


As mentioned earlier, security is a key component that should be looked for in an online backup service provider. High resolution grid should be maintained by the provider, only then the data sent over them would be secure. One cannot simply send their data or files over the cloud to a service without knowing the type of encryption they operate on. AES 128 bit or 246 bit encryption should be operated by the service provider. Such an encryption would not only keep the data safe but would also make sure that the backup provider would not be able to access the contents of their customers.


The number of features offered by backup providers has improved over the years and at present there are a lot of features provided to the users. Syncing the data has become very simple with the user being able to access their data using their mobile device. The data stored with the service provider can be synced over all the devices used by the individual. This would make sure that the software operated by them is up to date time and again. Automatic syncing of data is possible through this and so every new data or files get transferred onto the storage space without many issues. There are provisions provided by the online backup provider which would enable the backing process on an automatic and regular basis. Apart from that, the user would be able to schedule the backup as well. The type of folders the person wants to sync automatically and the folders which do not require automatic syncing can be chosen by the user.


Syncing and backup speed of the online backup service provider also plays a crucial role. In the case of certain providers, users would be fed up with the time it would take for a backup or sync. Time consuming backups might even result in problems such as incomplete backup etc. and all these should be avoided. Speed of the backup would depend on both the internet connection speed of the user as well as the backup speed of the service provider. Backup process should not affect the operations of the computer or the laptop.

10 Tips to Picking the Best Online Backup Provider


Usage or accessibility of the online backup service provider should be quite simple and easy. Customizing the backup and folder selection is offered by the service provider, but it is always better to provide a hassle free accessibility for the users. The process should be easily understandable and easy to operate for the customers. Complicated setup would only affect the mindset of the individual since it would consume a lot of time. In the case of the best online backup service provider, all the files or data would be backed up within few minutes.

Technical support

Online backup service provider should have appointed executives or customer service professionals who would assist the individuals with any problem they might be facing in the backup process or any other services offered by them. They should guide the person through the entire process. Online wizards and guide should be provided for the user to make the backup process successful all on their own as well.

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