Does Cloud Computing Offer Disaster Recovery System?

One thing business executives fear about is any disaster whether it is a natural disaster or a disaster caused due to any human mistake. Business organizations perform more than 90% of their tasks using online means. Even a minor IT disruption can have a significant effect on your profits. It also affects the customer loyalty as customers expect high quality services from you.

Vicky McKim, who is associated with Business Continuity Institute, says and I quote that “A three-day outage can close a business permanently. This means that you have to seriously think about disaster recovery as bad time comes without a prior notice.

Sometimes, the reality is very harsh; in this case the reality is that more than 60% of the business organizations do not have any disaster recovery mechanism. In other word, it has no plans for avoiding and managing any disaster. Though, optimism is good but still, you should prepare yourself for the difficult time.

Majority of the organizations are now adopting cloud computing mechanism for data storage and data sharing. Most of these organizations are doing so just because there competitors are doing the same. You must have read different benefits associated with cloud computing such as increase in sales, more profits, decrease in downtime, increase in organizational performance, 24/7 availability etc. but there is one thing people are still not aware of.

People still do not know whether cloud computing offer disaster recovery mechanism or not. If you are also among one of them then I must here clarify you that in addition to various other benefits, the biggest benefit of cloud computing is that it offers a complete mechanism for disaster recovery. This means, there is nothing that can stop you from working.

Cloud computing service providers ensure that you get the cloud services 24 hours a day 7 days a week without any gap. There is a proper backup system available for emergency situations. You can take benefit from cloud disaster recovery services at a reduced cost even if you are not taking other cloud computing services but it is highly suggested taking all the cloud computing services as it is highly beneficial for your organization.

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