Cloud Setup for MAC

Cloud storage gained demand due to two main benefits that it offers. One is that, the person would be able to keep all their data secure and free from data corruption or data loss. Data loss might occur due to software updating and other setup changes. Users who often change computers would also find cloud storage beneficial. This loss can be entirely eliminated with the help of cloud storage. The second benefit is with respect to the devices and the location of the person. One might possess a lot of electronic gadgets and in all of them, numerous data would be stored. By using cloud storage, one would be able to access all their data even when they are away from their home. Cloud setup in one of their devices would help them retrieve all their data.

Most people would probably misunderstand the difference between local storage and cloud. Cloud is a most advanced and latest method which can be implemented to store data in a confidential manner. Cloud, as most of us would imagine is not a latest invention, but it is something which has been developed from one of the oldest methods like IMAP email, which was utilized to store data on a remote server. Users would be able to access their data stored on these servers from remote locations and also on any internet-connected device.

Options – Cloud Setup for MAC

Demand for online storage has increased greatly due to the possession of multiple devices. Users would not find themselves in the right place with the right equipment mostly, but Cloud Setup for MAC would help them achieve that status. Apple users have a variety of cloud storage options available to them and the company has made sure that, every single user gets to choose from a wide array of setup options. Apart from the iCloud service, users would also be able to choose other types such as Dropbox, Cloud Drive provided by Amazon, Google Drive, Sugar Sync and SkyDrive offered by Microsoft.


Setting up iCloud on MAC would be quite simple due to the presence of supporting files in the MAC, whereas other types listed above can be achieved by installing a particular tool. As a MAC user, one would find that they would be able to obtain the cloud storage services by simply choosing the Apple’s iCloud Service. This cloud storage service would ensure that the user gains access to all their music, applications downloaded through iTunes store, photos etc.

The only drawback of this particular iCloud service is the integration that has been created between the cloud and the application. Users would be able to sync the documents into the cloud only in applications that are integrated to iCloud. In other cases, the user should open the document in iCloud and save it on the cloud. In this particular case, the original file would remain in the device and a copy of it would be saved on the cloud. This can then be accessed from other devices as well. Initial free storage availability of iCloud is 5GB. Users who wish to store additional data should pay additional charges.


Cloud Drive

Cloud setup for MAC would also allow the user to install Amazon’s Cloud Drive application. Amazon has launched setup exclusively for Mac OS X and users can simply download the setup. This particular application is JAVA based and it also allows a free introductory storage of 5GB. Benefit of this storage application is that, the user would be able to store any data they wish and can obtain it through other devices as well.

Google Drive and SkyDrive

Google Drive is managed by Google and it works similar to that of the Microsoft’s cloud service SkyDrive. Users would be able to sync all their documents onto the cloud service offered by them. Entire service is oriented based on a Finder-Integrated option. Users would be able to easily store and manage their documents on the cloud. SkyDrive offers a free introductory space of 7GB whereas Google Drive offers a space of 5GB.


This particular cloud service is well-known to most of the people due to its existence in the market over a long period of time. As we all know, this is an online data syncing technique. Cloud setup for MAC can also be done using DropBox. Users who utilize this particular storage service would find that a folder would be created within their account. As far as the syncing of folders is concerned, the user can choose from two options. One is to automatically sync all the folders onto the existing folder and the second one would provide an option for the user to choose the documents which they want to sync with the folder. The folder does provide a menu tab through which the user would be able to manage all their documents. Cloud Drive storage service also provides this particular option but, it has an added advantage that provides the user to manage the folder even when it is placed anywhere, whereas Dropbox allows data management only within the folder.

Mentioned above are the different cloud storage options available for MAC users. Apart from the standard iCloud service, users can download and install other kinds as well. One can choose the storage service of their choice based on their requirement. After choosing the cloud service of their choice, the next step would be performing Cloud Setup for MAC.

Cloud Setup for MAC

Cloud setup would not take much time. The amount of files would play the major role in determining the time frame of the setup. More the number of files more would be the time taken.

Step: 1 the person should go to the website that provides the cloud service of their choice. Register with the service provider with their email address. Application pertaining to the cloud service would be available for download on the provider’s website.

Step: 2 the application should be downloaded. After the completion of the download, the software should be opened in the finder.

Step: 3 follow the instructions mentioned in the folder. Installation guide would be provided; the user should install the setup as per the instructions.

Step: 4 the person would be asked to agree to the terms and conditions of the service. Upon agreement, it would lead the user to the next stage where, the person would be asked to choose the folders or documents which they want to sync. Drag and drop option can also be chosen by the user. Backup might take time depending on the size of all the files. Cloud Setup for MAC is done. Users would be able to access their files from anywhere and from any device.

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