Cloud Storage for Home Users

In the past few years, cloud storage has acquired a lot of positive feedback as well as constructive criticism from individuals, businesses, and press alike. This is mainly because of the undeniable usage of computers and internet by both home users and businesses. Cloud storage or cloud computing basically refers to those data and applications that you can access by way of the internet instead of accessing it on your hard drive at home. Cloud storage for home users generally stores your data on a server by way of the internet and you will be able to access your data on the server using an internet connection.

In earlier days of its evolution, cloud storage was only used by businesses, both small and large, and organizations used to buy the amount of storage space they need to store their valuable business data instead of renting entire servers, which is quite expensive. With the improvement in technology, cloud storage has become easily accessible to home users as well, without them having to make much of an investment.

Online Data Backup

Most cloud storage providers offer the type of services mentioned above. Some of the most popular consumer based cloud storage providers offer the most important data backup services to their customers. Though the data transfer time offered by most cloud storage providers is not extremely fast, you will still be able to access all the data you back up even when your main hard drive fails due to some reason.

Online data backup is an exceptional application offered by the providers of cloud storage for home users, and this application carries with it certain definite advantages. Unlike your conventional external flash drive, hard drive or memory stick, the data you backup does not remain in your hands when you use a cloud storage service. The cloud storage system stores your data on a secure redundant server, which means that there is a minimum of three copies of the data you have backed up.

Another advantage is that online backup can be accessed on different computers, and most online backup systems function automatically. And most online backup services offered by cloud storage providers usually charge you a reasonable amount on monthly basis, and this makes the service one of the most easily affordable and manageable cloud storage for home users.

Backup Files Protected

Uses of Cloud Storage for Home Users

If you are a home user of the internet, then cloud storage for home users can be an excellent tool for you to remain organized and entertained. Cloud storage that is used at home does not always have to be an expensive or complicated solution for all your storage and backup needs. The storage solution comes with a lot of excellent features and possibilities to serve your entire family. Following are some of most eminent uses of cloud storage for home users:

  • Store valuable documents: If you have a big family, you would probably contain a cabinet full of important files or documents. It may be your children’s diplomas, birth certificates, your income tax records or also your credit report, all of it can be stored virtually on a cloud storage system. Also, with a cloud storage service, you do not have to worry about the safety of your records as you do with traditional storage devices, and also you will be able to access your documents anywhere, any time and on any internet-connected device of your choice.
  • Tasks and to-do lists: Cloud storage for home users also allows you to set up virtual documents conveniently, which can be instantly updated by several users. This feature will be of great help if all of your family members are working or always engaged. You will be able to store your everyday tasks, grocery lists, to-do lists, utility bills to be paid, and anything you can probably think of, on a cloud storage system and access them whenever you want.
  • Storage of entertainment and media: Nowadays, all home entertainment types are mostly integrated with each other. All the entertainment devices in your home, right from your wireless speakers to your internet TV, everything can be connected together to enjoy a perfect entertaining experience. With a cloud storage service, you can upload all your favorite home videos, music, movies, or any other media file, and enjoy watching them on any of your mobile devices, even when you are on the go.
  • Digital life storage: There is no family that does not like capturing their favorite and precious moments together. Most of this capturing is done in the form of photos and videos. With cloud storage, you can store all your favorite moments on a secure server and keep them safe throughout your lifetime and even pass on those memories to generations to come. When you have the photo of your child’s graduation or your wedding click in your computer, you have the risk of losing them in the event of a hardware crash, system failure, or a natural disaster. When you store them on the cloud, you can be relaxed knowing that all your important photos are safe and secure. You can also share photos or videos with your friends or family members residing in different regions via cloud storage for home users.
  • Plan important events: Cloud storage for home users can also be used in creative ways, like backing up your plans for an important or special event. You may be responsible for planning a friend’s wedding, or you might be planning to throw a surprise birthday party for your dad, with a cloud storage service, you can store all your plans on the cloud without revealing them to the respective individual. Also, you will be able to access them easily on your mobile device wherever you go, without having to carry a separate notepad with you.
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10 50 GB $5.33/month No ratings read sosonlinebackup review
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