Cloud Storage Selection

Choosing a remote backup provider is made easier by using our cloud storage selection tool. Just answer each one of the questions by clicking on your desired feature and be taken to a page with a list of all the providers that meet your selected criteria.

1. What is your monthly budget that you want to spend?

< $5 < $10 < $15 < $20 < $50 < $100

2. How much online storage space you require?

10GB 25GB 50GB 100GB 500GB Unlimited

3. How many computers do you want to backup?

1 2 5+ 10+

4. What operating system are you using?

Mac PC Linux Android

5. Do you need to Sync Multiple Computers?

Yes No

6. Do you want to share files Online?

Yes No

7. What is your preferred payment method?

Credit/Debit Card Bank Transfer American Express

8. What kind of service you would like to prefer for online backup?

100% Automatic Manual

9. Are you looking for storage providers that offer Free trial?

Yes No