Cloud Storage: Turnitin Is Making Student’s Evaluation Much More Easier

This is no doubt, the age of technology. Every day, new software comes in the market offering new features and more benefits. IT technology has changed the lives of a large number of people most of which includes businessmen, engineers, project managers etc. Teachers resisted the cloud storage technology in the start but now, they have realized its importance.

Cloud storage is adding a positive change to the teaching system. Some of the teachers using cloud storage services showed their satisfaction with cloud storage by saying that teaching has never been as easy as it is today. has opened new doors for the teachers. It not only helps them to detect plagiarism in assignments, projects and essays submitted by students but it also help them to evaluate the overall performance of the students. Now, the teachers can allocate grades to every students individually based on his or her performance and this has only been possible due to provides a platform for teachers where they can easily communicate with their students. It allowsteachers to give feedback to all the students individually. is helping the teachers to develop their I.T skills and get benefit from cloud storage and other I.T related services which their students are aware of. It enables them to use new modes of teaching so that the young generation does not lose their interest in studies.

Teachers have finally begun to get benefit from the ever-growing I.T industry. Cloud storage has brought a change in yet another industry-teaching industry but it is just the start!!!

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