Data Loss: It Can Happen To Anyone

It can happen to us all, and it all too often does – even when we’re in denial and quite sure that data loss is something that couldn’t possibly affect us. The truth is that data loss can affect anyone, at any time, in any place. This means that, if you’re not keeping your data backed up, you’re at risk of data loss every time you turn your computer on, and you’re not much safer when you walk away from it. If you want to be sure that data loss really can’t happen to you, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve protected yourself by backing up all your documents and files. The best way to do that is through an online backup service.

What causes hard disk data losses?

The number one cause of data loss is the failure of one or more pieces of hardware or software, such as through a hard disk malfunction or the moment you tip a glass of water over your computer. Accidental deletion is also very common because it takes little more than the click of a mouse to render your files almost irretrievable. Let’s not forget about viruses and malware, either, which sometimes don’t much care about the firewall and anti virus software you’ve installed and make their way into your data regardless.

Unexpected disasters are, as the name implies, not something that any of us expect to happen, but they still have a tendency to destroy your computer and everything that’s on it. Whether the disaster involves a thief in a ski mask skulking into your office space or a flood or fire that makes mincemeat of all your possessions, the probability of data loss due to external influence is worryingly high.

Data Loss

How Can I Be Sure That Data Loss Doesn’t Happen To Me?

When we said that data loss can happen to anyone, we should probably have qualified that statement. It can happen to anyone who hasn’t made provisions for the possibility – the most secure of which is an online storage service. Your hard disk contains everything from personal and financial data to photographs and home videos that couldn’t be replaced. All of these and more can be stored using an online storage backup, encrypted and safe from prying eyes and usually with a third or even fourth redundant copy kept elsewhere, just in case. Whatever happens to your hard disk can’t also happen to your online storage backup, simply because it’s not in the same place.

An online storage can be set to back up your data automatically, further protecting you from data loss. You can even set it to back up files as you’re still working on them. Data loss can happen to anyone, but you can make sure it can’t happen to you – get started right now with our comparison tables below.

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