What difference does Sync.com make to your business?

Cloud storage acts as a perfect tool for businesses to handle all the valuable information they have. Data storage is very important for an enterprise and with proper security and operation a business entity will be capable of monitoring all the data processed by them. You may find many alternatives for your business but none of them work as effectively as a cloud. Every cloud service provider is different and the features are never the same across the board which is why it is essential to find the best in business. Sync.com is one of the best storage solutions available for businesses across the globe and let us discuss about that in detail.

Business data storage

The benefits of handling your confidential data on the cloud are endless. Companies that have started using cloud for their storage requirements generally tend to overcome the competition and succeed. The costs of in-house data storage and monitoring is very high and only an expert IT professional could handle the job successfully, which is one of its major flaws. Cloud storage is best for small, medium and large business organizations. Overhead costs incurred by a business in managing data can be reduced considerably with cloud.

About Sync

Sync.com is one of the leading cloud enabled data storage service delivering best in class services for a business organization. Some of the key highlights of this service provider are the server speeds, high security, affordable and easy to manage UI. Data security is something businesses cannot and should not compensate at any cost. Best level of security is provided by Sync which makes it one of the best business centric cloud solutions.


Large businesses will not have any problem in making high payments for the services offered by a cloud. Small and medium businesses will depend on the pricing a lot. Sync is one of the most affordable cloud services available for businesses right now. Zero knowledge policy is incorporated by Sync and what this means is that your data will not only be safe online but even the cloud will not access your data. This kind of security is exactly what you may need for safeguarding your data from all kinds of threats and risks.

Easy UI

One excellent feature provided by this cloud is the easy to use software application or interface. Small and medium business organizations need not worry about the costs they have to incur in order to employ an IT staff to manage their data. Businesses and the top management officials of the company will be able to establish control over all the business operations. Let us look at the merits and demerits of Sync in short.


  • Affordable pricing and packages
  • Data sharing feature
  • Free storage space of 5 GB
  • High syncing speeds
  • Best privacy
  • Best user interface
  • Good customer support


  • Lack of file previews
  • Encryption literally slows down the transfer speed
  • File sharing is not possible with smartphone app
  • Syncing GUI is not available

Sync is by far the best cloud storage service with very little negative points to its name. This cloud storage platform will perfectly suit all the small and medium business organizations.

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