Dropbox! SSO for Business Users will soon be launched

Dropbox is one of the best services for cloud computing, which allows users collaborate and backup their data online. The main purpose of cloud storage is to save online and share data as well access from any corner of the world. An advanced trend to have online storage account to save data and be secure from potential damages as well as have central access has been common. Dropbox has made it very simple and it has given access of cloud storage to individual users as well. Individual users were having these facilities since long time but now for teams and business these features are rapidly being adapted, because it helps to manage a team which is not physically near.

Shedding some tension from administrators’ head and giving them more ease to manage, in February, Dropbox announced latest admin console attribute. That admin console is named as Single Sign-On (SSO), it helps users to get logged in centrally at a single identity provider, as they can be able to access all business applications along with Dropbox. The feature most probably decreases business user’s headache to remember user name and password. Integration of Dropbox with SSO and allowing this special feature for business use helps employees to access all the business application with just a single log-in. In normal routine a business user has to keep in mind various things, but now SSO has made it very simple to work as it can be used with company’s existing password policies.

Anand Subramani, product manager for Dropbox for Teams said in his post published in official blog of Dropbox for Business, these are the identity service providers, which will be joining hands with Drpobox:

  • Okta
  • Ping Identity
  • OneLogin
  • Symplified
  • Centrify

This special feature is scheduled to be launched in coming month and seamlessly will integrate with any of the services that support the industry-standard Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML). Dropbox will work normal, in case you are having a custom authentication process based on SAML.

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