Enterprise File Sharing and Synchronization

The enticement is comprehensible. As a business owner or worker, you would be working on multiple devices, like a desktop computer in your office, a MacBook at home, and a tablet or smartphone while on the go. You would probably want to share files or folders between all these devices. Also, you might want your important files to be shared with your colleagues or business partners who might be working from a remote location. In such cases, the only solution for you would be to sign up for a file sharing and syncing service offered by a reliable cloud storage provider. This service usually copies all your crucial files and folders to all the devices you use and sees to that these files and folders remain synchronized all the time, in order to ensure that they are up to date. When it comes to sharing these files or folders with others, all that has to be done is to grant access to those employees and partners who you would want to handle the files. Such cloud storage services are always easy, fast as well as convenient.

Cloud Storage and Backup

A cloud storage and backup service generally provides the necessary solutions for managing both your personal as well as business data: safe and secure online backup, extensive access, syncing of files on multiple devices, and easy sharing.

Best Cloud Storage Service

Safe and Secure Online Backup

  • Device independent content: A cloud storage service enables the backing up and online storage of almost all forms of content, including spreadsheets, documents, videos, presentations, photos, and various other application data, to be accessed securely from any type of device.
  • Constant cumulative backups: When you use a cloud storage service, the system performs fast and efficient backups without intervening with your regular tasks or workflows by updating only those parts of files that have been changed or altered.
  • No data loss: You do not have to worry about data loss due to natural disasters, thefts, hardware crash, or anything for that matter, as the cloud storage system allows you to restore previous versions of your files or folders from any computer, and at any time you desire.
  • Encrypted data transfer: Almost all reliable cloud storage providers use different versions of encryption techniques to protect your valuable enterprise data or files during online transfers. Also, the storage of data performed by these providers is redundant and secure due to the usage of 128 bit AES encryption.

Extensive Access

  • Access backed up content from anywhere: Once you back up your content to the cloud, you can access it from any part of the world and on any device, with just an internet connection. All you need to do is sign in to your secure personal website from any web browser and access all your files or folders stored in the cloud. You can also download any content you wish on to the device of your choice for accessing it when you are offline.
  • Easily access content on your mobile device: Long gone are the days when mobile devices were used just for making phone calls or sending messages and emails. Now, you can use your mobile device, whether it may be a smartphone or a tablet, to easily view, edit, share, and sync all your files and folders in the cloud.
  • Supports most platforms: A cloud storage service can be accessed on almost all platforms, including a Mac, PC, iPhone, Android phone and tablet, iPhone, a Symbian smartphone, a Blackberry, or any other device you may possibly think of.

Syncing of File on Multiple Devices

  • Automatic file syncing: With a cloud storage service, you can sync all your important files and folders on how many ever devices you may like in order to ensure that every device you use contains the same files and folders. Also, you will be offered the convenience to edit your files from anywhere. For instance, you can start editing a particular file when you are at work, and if you do not have enough time to complete the editing process during your office hours, you can simply continue editing on your home computer. Even if you finish the work at home, the cloud storage system automatically syncs the work done offline once it gets internet access again.
  • File structure mapping: When you use a cloud storage service, you do not have to place your files into folders of your choice in order for them to sync. The storage system ensures that all your workflows and tasks remain unaltered even when files are synced with other devices.

Easy Sharing

  • Virtual file sharing: A cloud storage service offers you a virtual sharing domain without the need of ample infrastructure. You can directly work with your team members by sharing important presentations or documents through the cloud and also provide them the access to make changes, if necessary. You can set permissions, read-only or edit, to your files, and also add password if you are concerned about the security of your files and folders.
  • Comprehensive sharing: You can typically send any type of file to any person you wish, and also the file you wish to send can be of any size. This can be done by simply generating a URL on the cloud, also known as a public link, for the file you wish to share. You can share the generated link via email, blog, IM, or even on Facebook and Twitter. Also, a cloud storage service provides you with the ability to transfer large files over the internet, which is absolutely impossible with most email portals as they allow only the uploading of files of specific sizes.

In the present enterprise situation, there are a lot of distributed teams, which makes it necessary for the usage of mobile devices. This in turn makes file sharing and synchronization the most vital IT capabilities. By using a cloud storage service, corporations can ensure the security of their sensitive business data.

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