ExpressVPN for Mobile—Android, and iPhone, How does it Work?

Founded in 2009, ExpressVPN is a British Virgin Islands provider. It is one of the most popular names in the industry. With apps for Windows, Mac, and mobile devices, ExpressVPN supports all major devices.

While VPNs are able to offer great services to desktop users, they have often been accused of neglecting their mobile device users. The following review explores ExpressVPN’s iOS and Android app. Are they as good as the desktop versions?


For the Android app, compatibility starts with Android Kit Kat. The OS version was released in 2013. So, unless you have a very old android device, you can connect to ExpressVPN. All the modern versions, including Oreo, Marshmallow, Jelly Bean, Nougat and Lollipop are compatible.

IOS users must hold an iPhone with version 8 upwards. That means if you hold an iPhone 6S all the way to iPhone X Plus, you can connect with ExpressVPN. IPad and tablet users can also get connected.

How to Secure your Device

Purchase a Subscription

Before you download any apps, first purchase a subscription. You will get a license key to unlock the provider’s services. ExpressVPN also provides a link to download either of their apps after the payment is received.

The VPN’s best plan is the one year plan. At a cost of $99.95, you get to experience all the great every VPN review site talks about. Read a review of the provider here so that you subscribe only with the right information in mind.

If the 1-year-plan does not meet your needs, ExpressVPN has a 6-month plan and a monthly package. They cost $9.99 and $12.99 respectively. All the plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee should you not be satisfied with their services.

Install and Connect App

With a license key in place, download the mobile app of your choice. ExpressVPN supports up to 3 devices. You can download both an Android and iOS app and still access the VPN services on your desktop computer.

Once installed, click the ON button and ExpressVPN will search the closest server to your location. It also displays the option to select your server of choice manually. The VPN provider has 2000+ servers in 148 different cities. You can select any server from an option of 94 countries.

ExpressVPN Mobile Apps Security

The reputable VPN provider protects you while using either 3G, 4G, Lite or Wi-Fi connections. Using respected tunneling and encryption methods, the private network shields your IP address. It encrypts your data and allows you to surf the Internet securely.

Some of the advanced techniques used include IKEv2 and IPsec, both popular among all major VPN providers. Created by Microsoft, the traffic tunneling methods are so advanced that no regular program can crack them. UDP and TCP are also used to secure communications made through apps

Can you Stream Netflix?

Since the mobile apps work using the same technology applied to the desktop versions, you can stream Netflix on your mobile device. You can also unblock YouTube in China and access BBC iPlayer in the US. Unlike many VPNs, ExpressVPN unblocks all streaming channels from all parts of the world. Whether you are in Seoul or New York, India or South Africa, ExpressVPN provides the same quality of services.

You also get to enjoy the company’s services at super-fast speeds. While the gaming experience may be different on mobile versus PC, ExpressVPN ensures you play seamlessly. The bandwidth speed may differ from country to country but they top 50MBps in most countries. With the provider’s VPN speed test, you can also choose which server best meets your needs.

Customized User Interface

Their prices may be higher than average but the VPN’s mobile interface is what you expect from the best in the industry. One big button takes part most of the app’s interface. It’s the only button you need to secure your connections. Below the button is a small button that can help you choose the ideal server.

For better customization, ExpressVPN has a settings feature where you can view the best VPNs for torrenting and other services. You can also check your subscription status on the app or reach out to the provider’s customer support.


Many VPN apps tend to have issues from time to time. Some will crash and disconnect you. Others fail to open or keep asking for updates. Both of ExpressVPN’s apps are top rated for efficiency and reliability.

With a technical team dedicated 24/7 to keep the apps running, ExpressVPN guarantees a reliable work performance. However, it’s also designed to keep you safe in the worst case scenario. With a kill-switch in place, your security isn’t compromised if your connection is disrupted.

Customer Support

ExpressVPN is one of the best-rated providers when it comes to good support services. Where many companies use bots for live-chats, the top-rated company uses humans. Your questions are answered instantly by knowledgeable staff. If you want more details, you can also communicate with the team via email.


You can bypass Internet censorship and unblock Netflix with most VPNs. ExpressVPN enables you to stream services from any part of the world. Their mobile apps are highly customizable. Select favorite servers. Enable Tor and torrent safely by using ExpressVPN’s recommended servers. You can also set the app to run automatically.

ExpressVPN pros

  • Easy to install and connect
  • Offers great security for your Internet connection
  • Unblocks all major streaming services
  • Fast and reliable
  • Unlimited bandwidth


  • Relatively pricier than the industry standard


To Conclude

ExpressVPN has both apps for iOS and Android devices. They are both easy to install, come with the same features and capabilities. You can browse the Internet safely on a public WiFi, stream Netflix while abroad torrent files.

There is no big difference between ExpressVPN’s mobile apps and their desktop version. The interface is similar. The customization features are the same. The only difference is that one secures your mobile devices. The other secures your computer.You can visit the ExpressVPN website here.

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