Good News For Google Apps Users: Metiix Has Launched A New Data Protection Service For Google Apps

Matiix always comes up with great surprises for its service users. This time, it is about a new Google app data protection service. According to a rough estimate done by Google itself, there are over 5 million businesses and thousands of millions of people who use Google apps almost every day. This means that this service launched by Metiix can be utilized by all these businesses and individual users.

Benefits of Google Apps Data Protection Service

The major benefit of this service is that it will be offering additional security to the Google Apps users. It will secure the data present in emails, folders and contact list of the Google App users. This service is particularly useful for business owners who have sensitive information in their emails and folders.

A Good News For Google Apps Users

This is yet another step for safer internet usage. This is a really a good news for Google apps users. Here, I must tell you that it is just the start, Metiix has promised to come up with various other more efficient solutions for data safety so keep watching.

A Brief Introduction ToMetiix

For those, who have no or little information about Metiix,It is popular company known for its data discovery and online data security as well as storage services. It also offers data backup services to its valuablecustomers who belong to different industries some of which includes finance, health, government etc.

Almost every industry contacts Metiix due to its exceptional cloud backup services. Customers like them for their swift technical help and also for their online services which they offer related to data storage and protection. Launching of Google Apps is a clear proof of the fact that Metiixis striving hard to offer best to its customers.

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