Hightail Detailed Review

Hightail cloud storage service is widely used by many individuals living in different parts of the world. Hightail is definitely one of the reliable cloud storage services, considering the various benefits that it brings to the table. Hightail users will be able to enjoy all the features they need which is one of the important highlights of the service. Hightail cloud storage service is compatible across different OS platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and other mobile devices. All your PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. can be used to enjoy the services offered by Hightail cloud storage service.

Hightail has turned out to be one of the leading cloud storage service providers in the market and they are offering some of the best features in the market. The most important highlight of Hightail cloud storage service is that, this actually allows the user to send very large files through the internet in the most simple and easy way. Large files can be stored on to the cloud and shared with others with just a click of a button. This ease of storage is provided by Hightail cloud storage service and this particular factor gives it a competitive edge over other cloud storage companies. One cannot use email for sending large files because they are not as reliable as Hightail cloud storage service.

Hightail cloud features

Hightail cloud storage service provides a lot of attractive benefits to the subscriber and the features offered by this cloud include –

  1. Large file sending over the internet at ease. Large files can be sent via Hightail service in a much better pace without compromising on any other feature.
  2. Subscribers can send file sizes of up to 2 GB.
  3. File sharing is made simple.
  4. File syncing is also very good, considering the fact that users can sync files across all the devices they possess.

We have mentioned all the important features that are provided to the customer by Hightail cloud storage service. Apart from the various features that we have mentioned here, customers will also be able to experience other exquisite features. Customers who are in need of sending large files should definitely use Hightail. Hightail cloud will also suit customers who are looking to send signed electronic documents, data storage in the cloud, etc. Hightail cloud software is supremely customer friendly and the application is definitely a huge asset to the subscriber. User interface and the layout of the software application are very good and intuitive. Hightail cloud storage service offers affordable cloud storage package which is very good considering all the different features that you get at a reasonable price.

Data security

Security offered by Hightail cloud storage service is very good. Documents can be signed digitally and can be sent on to the cloud storage service and also shared with others, which is highly secure. This eliminates the need for signing the document by hand and then scanning it in order to send it over to others. All the files can be stored in the cloud at ease and the user can access it anytime they want.

Data storage

Hightail professional cloud storage account comes with 5 GB of data storage space along with 10 e-signatures. Your mobile phone can be used to perform the storage. Confirmation emails and updates regarding the activity on your cloud are also sent to you on a regular basis. This helps the user in monitoring the activity on their account.

User Interface

Friendly user interface of the cloud storage service is what makes or breaks the success of the cloud. In this case, Hightail provides an excellent user interface making it one of the best cloud storage services in the market. The e-signature feature provided by the cloud may be complicated for some, but it will save a lot of time and money, which makes it even more interesting. Hightail cloud storage service can not only be used with the help of PCs, laptops, it can also be used with the help of your smartphones, tablets, etc. which makes it even more user friendly.

Customer support

Hightail cloud storage service provides one of the best customer support to all of its customers. Customer support comes with no additional costs; hence, the money that you are going to spend for the features provided by Hightail cloud is well worth it. All your queries and problems will be solved instantly. The customer support team is well versed in Hightail software so they will solve all your tough questions and problems very quickly.

Hightail cloud storage service provides all these high quality features to you and we have discussed about them in detail through this article. The only drawback of Hightail cloud storage service is that free cloud storage plan offered by the cloud will only allow one file at a time. Other than that, it is all positives; so if you are looking to send large files on the internet then Hightail cloud storage service is there for you.

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