Importance of Online Photo Backups

You may be a professional photographer, a house wife with two kids, a teenager with photography as hobby, or a frequent traveler exploring different parts of the world. Whoever you are in these categories, your photos are of extreme importance to you. If you are a professional photographer, you would not want to lose the photos which took days or sometimes weeks to get the perfect click. As a mother, you would not want to miss those lovely moments of your kids growing up, which you would have captured as photographs. Being a teenager, photos of your first prom, graduation, friend’s birthday, first date, etc. would be of utmost importance to you. And as a world traveler, you would want to share your lovely traveling moments with your family and friends, without missing out even a single one.

Sometimes, you may end up accidentally deleting a photo or an entire folder containing photos. And in some circumstances, you may end up losing your photos due to a sudden hardware failure, hard disk crash, or any form of natural disaster. It is during such circumstances a backup service comes into play. Backup solutions are basically of two types: onsite backup and offsite backup. Onsite backup is something that usually involves backing up your photos and other files on an external hard drive or any other physical storage device. On the other hand, offsite backup generally involves backing up on the cloud. Let us first discuss about how you should start preparing for backing up your photos.

Get Prepared!

Before actually backing up your photos, may it be on a physical storage device or online, the first thing you should do is come up with folders to sort out your photos library categorizing them in the order of importance. You can also choose to create separate folders according to the events in which they were captured or in any other way you wish. The best method of backup would be to store all the newly created folders on an external hard drive and then choose specific photos that are of high importance and store them online by uploading them to the cloud from a reliable online storage service provider. This method will help you save huge sums of money, since you would be using an online storage service only for storing those photos that are of high priority, thus reducing the amount of storage space you would require, which in turn reduces the charge you will have to pay the provider.

However, if you are a professional photographer, all of your photos would be important for your work, and in such cases, backing them all up on the cloud would be the sensible option. But, the important thing to note here is to perform enough research before choosing the provider you will be backing up your photos with. This is important because most providers offer only a small amount of storage space for free and will require you to sign up for a subscription package if you wish to store more than the offered storage limit. As you will be using the service for a longer period of time, you should look for a provider that offers comprehensive services for a reasonable cost. Always read the fine print before signing up with the provider, to make sure that it offers exactly the same services it claims to offer.

To be more beneficial, you can always choose an online storage provider that provides you with the option to choose pay-as-you-use subscription package. Choosing this package will enable you to expand as well as compress the amount of storage space you would require to store all your photos, and the provider will charge you only for the amount of space you actually use and not a penny more. And in order to protect the confidentiality of your photos, make sure that the provider you choose offers encryption techniques, through which all the files that leave your computer remain protected even after reaching the destination.

Online Photo Backups

Online Backup Services

As the need for online backup has increased over the years, so have the number of online backup providers, and some of the most commonly used providers include Carbonite, CrashPlan, SugarSync, Zip Cloud, Mozy, Backblaze, etc. All of these data backup service providers offer the feature of automatic backup which will run in the background, not interrupting your official work and also you do not have to remember to backup the new files you have created. All you need to do is schedule automatic backups on the application of the backup service provider, on a regular basis at a time that is convenient to you, like during your after-office hours.

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3 Unlimited $4.95/month Anytime ratings read zipcloud review
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4 Unlimited $4.49/month 30 Days ratings read backupgenie review
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5 Unlimited $7.95/month 14 Days ratings read livedrive review
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6 60 GB $4.99/month 30 Days ratings read sugarsync review
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7 50 GB $9.99/month No ratings read dropbox review
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8 125 GB $7.99/month No ratings read mozy review
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9 50 GB $4.91/month No ratings read carbonite review
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10 50 GB $5.33/month No ratings read sosonlinebackup review
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