Justifying the Need for Online Business Backup

Organizations store massive amounts of data. For instance, even a low-level organization with less number of users can produce several terabytes of content every year in the form of spreadsheets, word processing documents, emails, videos, presentations, scanned documents, images and much more. Likewise, individual users can also produce several gigabytes of content every year that must be secured for personal and/or professional requirements. Hence, it is necessary to backup such contents for various reasons, which include business continuity, disaster recovery, theft, regulatory and legal compliance, and also just as a practice of data protection. Here is why your business data requires online backup:

Natural Disasters

Some day or the other every single location on earth will be impacted by natural disasters. For instance, in the United States of America, on an annual average, there occurs 818 tornadoes, 1.8 hurricanes, 63.8 earthquakes, and over 75,000 people forced to leave their homes due to floods. These are some of the major natural disasters that affect businesses and other non-residential organizations.

Online Business Backup

Lost Devices

The proliferation of tablets, laptop computers, smartphones, and other mobile devices that comprise of valuable corporate data has lead to the increase in another major problem, known as lost devices. Several surveys have proved the happening of loss of devices and the issue worsens as the proliferation of mobile devices increases.

Power Outages

Major power outages have become a significant issue in most countries. While these power outages generally affect backups and data access transitorily, they can destruct computer equipment and also can destroy important data.

Other Issues

In addition to all the above mentioned issues that create data loss, there are some common causes that do the same. These include, hard drive failure, failure of high-capacity devices like time capsules, etc.

When valuable data or files are lost, the following three consequences can happen:

  • The lost data must be keyed in again, which leads to major losses in productivity as employees may create their files for the second time. This, in turn, can result in missed deadlines, major delays in projects, unhappy clients, missed sales opportunities, and other severe problems.
  • Data losses can have even more severe consequences, inclusive of the ineptness to recreate data generated by previous employees, ineptness to regain lost intellectual property, lost tax and business records, missed emails and other communication records, etc. This can cause serious issues on several levels, with consequences that may considerably exceed the losses in productivity that results from lost data.
  • Certain statistics indicate that most businesses that lose valuable data face bankruptcy sometime later. However, this is just a mere hype than facts of existence. The fact is businesses that lose data for a variety of reasons are at a serious disadvantage compared to those businesses that do not lose their data.

As data has to be stored for longer periods of time and for an array of reasons, which include regulatory requirements, individual user needs, corporate best practice, and legal considerations, it becomes significantly essential to backup your data online.

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