Microsoft Cloud and Syncing features

Microsoft has clearly shifted its focus on cloud for businesses and individual users. The clear evidence of this turn is SkyDrive inbuilt presence in Windows 8 and Office 2013. And even some recently released features and products of Microsoft has inbuilt SkyDrive than enables users to work anywhere. Microsoft has clearly shown the world that how serious it is about the computing of next generations i.e. Cloud computing. Now we can witness new apps and features announced by Microsoft more frequently than ever.

SkyDrive has been aggressively up in the competition by providing 7GB of storage at sign up, which is more than Amazon Cloud Drive, Google drive and Dropbox. In fact, earlier users of SkyDrive had gained up to 25 GB. Best cloud storage field is full of competitive giants who strive each day to stay at top. That is why we can see trillions of changes and unique features popping out from every corner.

SkyDrive is also hub of countless features and advantages available for business and individual users. Following are some of its most convenient and unique ones:

Selective Sync – Share What You Want:

Selective share is surely one of the best features available at SkyDrive. It enables you to synchronize only those files that you wish to be viewed anywhere and anytime. You can select the folders from your PC to be shared with SkyDrive rather than filling the cloud with all the relevant and irrelevant material from your PC. Maybe space does not matter to you if you are still working on the free version of SkyDrive but once you have purchased some extra space, each unnecessary kb will irritate you. Of course there are tons of things that you do not want on your cloud like some random family pictures are totally unneeded. So you can afford to be selective at SkyDrive.

Share – On your Terms

SkyDrive provides you an option to share files from anywhere. You can use Twitter, Facebook, Emails etc. However, since best cloud storage requires more than that, SkyDrive gives you the easiest way of sharing. You can simple right click on any file or folder and share it from there. SkyDrive do not care if you uses Internet Explorer or any other browser, it will make sure that your files are shared instantly. There are scores of best cloud computing providers claiming to be number one and in such scenario; it is wise step from Microsoft not to limit the sharing process by putting restrictions on browser.

Microsoft Cloud and Syncing features

Recycle Bin – Fetch Back Your Data

You can easily fetch back your data that you have deleted on SkyDrive. All the items, present in your recycle bin, are never counted in your storage capacity. And you can draw them back within thirty days of deletion as after spending a month in the recycle bin, an item is permanently deleted. Therefore, a user has plenty of time on this best cloud service provider.

Finally, whether you are an individual or a business, once you have decided to avail best cloud storage services, it is recommended to check the features offered by SkyDrive.

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