How to Obtain Online Storage

Online Storage has revolutionized the field of data backup. Data storage has certainly shifted gears from the era of hard disks, pen drives, CDs etc. into an advanced era of Online Storage and cloud backup. Obtaining an Online Storage plan is quite easy and simple process. But, before choosing the services of one particular online storage provider, the subscriber should evaluate the package offered by each of the storage providers in order to be able to obtain the best storage plan. Different features with which storage providers can be evaluated are as listed below.


Price is obviously the most important deciding factor for not only an individual subscriber but also for business organizations. Price of an Online Storage plan would be based on the storage space and other factors that come along with it. Individual users would be in need of a lower storage space when compared to business professionals or business organization. With the increase in storage space, the price of the storage plan would increase. There are storage providers that even offer space of around 5 to 8GB for free to their users.

But the security level under a free storage plan would be very less. Business organizations, business owners and employees should make use of s reputed Online Storage provider instead of cutting down price. Businesses succeed based on their data mainly and one should not risk their confidential information. Pricing range would start from as low as $3 per month to as high as $3000 per month. It is necessary to choose a package which would suit one’s personal need and budget.

Storage space

Online Storage just like conventional storage methods would have restrictions on the amount of space that can be utilized for storing data. Although, there are packages that offer unlimited storage capacity for the users, businesses should not risk themselves by subscribing to such packages. Unlimited packages can be obtained by individual users who do not require high level of security for storing their music files, movies, videos etc. Based on the storage space offered, the pricing would differ. Say for example, 100GB of storage space would be offered at a price of maybe $6 per month, whereas 1TB or higher would be offered for a price of $60 per month or more. Such is the difference in pricing based on storage space. Businesses generally tend to spend more money for securing their data using an Online Storage system. Storage space of 5GB to 5TB or more are available for users to choose.

User Interface

Most of the reputed Online Storage providers make use of a friendly user interface. Improved or better user interface would make the process simple and easy to manage for the user. Online Storage process would be managed using a software tool. Business organizations would have employed a techie to manage the storage process and such a person would be able to handle a complicated user interface. But, a normal person would not be able to manage a complicated User Interface since their main focus would be on storing data in the first place. Similarly, certain backup storage software would be easy to download and run without much issue. Whereas, certain software would consume a lot of time to download and operating such software would also be irritating for the user.

Data centers

Online Storage companies that have multiple data centers should be preferred over those who possess one or two. Data centers are the hot spots where all the data possessed by the user would be stored. Multiple data centers would mean that, data would be stored in multiple locations. This would ensure high level of data security and with that, the user can be sure that, their data is in the right hands.

Online Storage process

During the presence of hard disks, CDs, pen drives etc. data storage would be a time consuming and tedious process. There was no such thing known as automatic backup and storage. The user should select the files he or she would want to store and should manually save them on the hard disk, CDs etc. Time taken for saving such files would also be very long and this would most often disrupt the day to day activities of the user. Individual users would spend the whole day in saving data whereas, business even employ people to manage the data storage alone. But, all these are not necessary with the presence of Online Storage.

Online Storage process enables automatic backup. The user has full control over the folders and files one wants to store securely. Storage would occur at the background and this would enable the user to perform other tasks as well. Any changes made to the folder would also be automatically updated periodically.

File sharing

This is one of most exciting features that a user would be able to obtain from Online Storage. Hard disks, CDs etc. would have to be carried along with the person in order to access all the stored data. These external devices could be accessed only using certain devices. For example, an external hard disk cannot be run using a smartphone or other devices. But, storing data online would help the user access all their stored data from any device and from anywhere around the world. There is no need for them to carry all these external storage devices to all the locations. This would suit businesses which operate across countries.

Cloud Storage

Obtaining the best Online Storage

The best suitable storage provider and plan would be entirely based on the user’s needs. All the above briefed parameters should be taken into consideration before choosing one particular storage provider. It is mandatory to evaluate the provider’s reputation in the business by going through reviews and expert suggestions and that is what is provided in this article.

Rank Provider Name Storage Price MoneyBack Rating Visit Site
justcloud justcloud Unlimited $4.49/month Anytime ratings read r justcloud
2 Unlimited $4.49/month Anytime ratings read mypcbackup revie visit mypcbackup
3 Unlimited $4.95/month Anytime ratings read zipcloud review visit zipcloud
4 Unlimited $4.49/month 30 Days ratings read backupgenie review visit backupgenie
5 Unlimited $7.95/month 14 Days ratings read livedrive review visit livedrive review
6 60 GB $4.99/month 30 Days ratings read sugarsync review visit sugarsync
7 50 GB $9.99/month No ratings read dropbox review visit dropbox review
8 125 GB $7.99/month No ratings read mozy review visit mozy
9 50 GB $4.91/month No ratings read carbonite review read carbonite review
10 50 GB $5.33/month No ratings read sosonlinebackup review visit sosonlinebackup
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