Online Backup: A Solution to Hard Disk Data Losses

If you aren’t keeping your data backed up, you’re facing a potential catastrophe every time you turn on your computer – not to mention whenever you leave it unattended. You can keep yourself safe from hard disk data losses through an online backup service, which will keep a secure copy of your irreplaceable documents in a physically removed location.

What causes hard disk data losses?

The top cause of lost data is a failure of hardware or software, such as a hard disk malfunction or accidentally spilling your coffee over your PC tower. Equally catastrophic is the dreaded accidental delete – with the click of a mouse, you can so easily render your invaluable data irretrievable. Viruses are increasingly common these days and can attack the documents on your hard drive, making them impossible to open or use.

You might also be affected by an unexpected disaster, such as a fire, flood, earthquare or tornado, all of which have a tendency to destroy a hard disk beyond recognition. The disaster might be of your own making: how many times have you heard of someone leaving their laptop in an airport lounge or coffee shop, never to be seen again? Finally, the threat of theft can never be discounted: the information on a computer is almost as valuable to a thief as the expensive equipment it’s stored on.

Online Backup

How can online storage secure me from hard disk data losses?

Your hard disk will inevitably contain a mixture of essential data and personal documents that you would be devastated to lose. Your data probably ranges from financial records and databases to photographs and movie files that could never be replaced. All of these documents can be stored, using an online storage method, in a way that is secure from hard disk data losses because the location in which the backups will be located is remote from your own, physical location.

Why an online storage service?

Unlike a physical back-up method, such as an external hard drive or a USB stick, your online storage service can be set to automatically back up your data, which means avoiding the hassle and time required to do this manually. Once stored, your data is safe from every disaster that might befall the originals – particularly from theft or natural disaster, which often affects more than just a single computer. Your backups can never be vulnerable to malware or viruses that infect your original files and can’t be lost if you have a forgetful moment and leave your tablet on the bus.

Check out our Top 10 tables below to find the very best online storage services available and make sure that you are secure from hard disk data losses well before they happen.

Rank Provider Name Storage Price MoneyBack Rating Visit Site
justcloud justcloud Unlimited $4.49/month Anytime ratings read r
2 Unlimited $4.49/month Anytime ratings read mypcbackup revie
visit mypcbackup
3 Unlimited $4.95/month Anytime ratings read zipcloud review
visit zipcloud
4 Unlimited $4.49/month 30 Days ratings read backupgenie review
visit backupgenie
5 Unlimited $7.95/month 14 Days ratings read livedrive review
visit livedrive review
6 60 GB $4.99/month 30 Days ratings read sugarsync review
visit sugarsync
7 50 GB $9.99/month No ratings read dropbox review
visit dropbox review
8 125 GB $7.99/month No ratings read mozy review
visit mozy
9 50 GB $4.91/month No ratings read carbonite review
read carbonite review
10 50 GB $5.33/month No ratings read sosonlinebackup review
visit sosonlinebackup
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