Use of Personal Cloud Services

The cloud has turned into a source for delivering storage and computing resources to consumers on demand. Instead of being thought as a new technology, the cloud is considered to be a new business model which is encased around new technologies like server virtualization that benefit from the economies of scale and the ability to bring down the costs associated with using information technology (IT) resources. Cloud storage is the most important feature of the cloud-based services that has been increasing in popularity, especially in recent years, as a result of most of the reasons that account to the popularity of cloud computing.

Cloud storage is being used in various scenarios. For instance, local data, such as those files you have saved on your desktop computer or laptop, can be backed up securely on cloud storage; the cloud can also be utilized as an archive to retain specific data for regulatory or other legal purposes; and you can also sync any virtual disk to the cloud and transfer the data to other computers.

People Use More Devices than Ever Before

Few years back, people used only one personal computer, that too probably only at work. After that, as personal computers became more useful, along with the evolution of the internet, people started using the same at home as well. In the following years, many interesting and useful online services began to develop and those services offered search engines, news portals, social networking, web mail, and much more. After this, came into existence smartphones, and eventually tablets. Now, more and more individuals have started using multiple devices, including PCs, mobile devices, and other internet-connected devices such as gaming consoles, TVs, and also printers. People have started to use multiple online accounts as well.

Personal Cloud Services Lend a Helping Hand

The development of such rich personal computing ecosystem of internet-connected appliances, personal computers, mobile devices, and innumerable online services is inciting the changeover of personal computing ecosystem into an ecosystem of personal cloud services. Personal cloud is typically referred to as a collection of personal devices and organized online services that are controlled and configured by individuals. These services help individuals in organizing and preserving their work or personal information, communications, media and documents, coordinates the integration of personal files or information across online services and digital devices, and delivers all these information to any service or device.Personal Cloud Storage

Personal cloud services are expected to serve as much more than simply online cloud storage. Following are the four prime categories of information around which individuals are found to develop their own personal cloud:

  • Email, calendar and contacts: All these make a part of the personal cloud developed by individual users. One of the most broadly used and a core part of an individual’s personal cloud experience happens to be web mail accounts. However, for many individuals, their online communications happen to be their most vital internet capability and also the most crucial repository of information. Also, contacts are closely associated with emails. Digital calendaring is one aspect which is not being widely used by individuals yet. These three features get to be the fundamental part on which various add-on services will be developed.
  • File sharing, access, backup and sync: Most individuals have the habit of emailing a key file to themselves for preserving the same. It is important to note that this method is neither scalable nor can be easily organized. There are several online services that have been established mainly to host an individual’s personal files on an online site, sync files or folders automatically to all the personal computers and other devices that are registered by the user, back up a part or all of an individual’s devices to protect their critical information from loss or damage, and so on. All of these online services are developed with the main aim of making people’s files easily available to them on demand or instantly on any internet-connected device, from any place and at any time, even when they lose a device or it fails suddenly.
  • Managing information, such as documents, health records, financial details, clippings, notes, etc.: There are certain types of information that remain better organized within a particular service or application. Therefore, note-taking online services and applications record as well as organize sophisticated audio recording, note taking, images and web clipping in an app which in turn syncs all those content to an online service which further syncs the same to other devices registered by an individual. Health and financial records work best in online services that gain a link to industry systems, in case of the need for additional help and information. The specialization of digital filing systems is to store different formats of documents, including PDF, in order to make it easier for users to search for and organize their documents, than with traditional PC file systems.
  • Personal media content, such as videos, music, and photos: For most individuals, their personal photos happen to be the most valued possessions, as they form precious memories. But, such photos can get lost easily, may it be due to laptop theft or by a hard drive failure. As a result, online storage and sharing of photos has become so popular among individuals, including in social networking sites. In the same way, many individuals value videos and music that they create on their own and also videos of their loved ones and commercial music. These media content can also be protected and shared with the help of a reliable personal cloud storage service.
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