Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy governs how will maintain, collects, discloses and uses any information that will be collected on the site  from visitors of website .  Our policy covers everything that members on our site conducts as well as any Cloud storage service offered by

Collection Of Non Personal ID Information

We collect only non personal ID information when you use our site in any way.  This includes information such as the computer being used, how you may connect to our site and a variety of other methods.  This could include the type of Internet service provider being used, and the OS (operating system) also.


We could use Cookies to help our users get more from their usage on our site.  Your web browser may in fact store and place cookies on your hard drive – this is due to keeping a record of the cookies used and it will help to track certain info about you also.  You can refuse these cookies however, if you dont, you will be happy with the cookies.

The Use Of Third Party Websites

There may be some use of third party website advertisements or perhaps content that may in fact link to a third party site.  This may include leading to third party websites; this may also lead to service of advertisers on our site, a sponsor, suppliers and any other of third party sites.  We are however, unable to actually control anything that is used on third party sites including links found online, content or anything else that will appear on the website.

We also, cannot guarantee the content found on any third party websites will remain unchanged.  Content on third party sites may in fact change without any notice.  In addition, we cannot guarantee that these sites will not change any content or link without notifiying our website.  These sites may also have their very own Privacy Policy as well as cookies and customer service policies.  If you do, you will do so on the objectives on that particular site and not ours.

The Use Of Advertising

Any ad which might appear on our site, will be provided through separate advertising partners.  These ads are run by a separate advertising partner and in doing so, they may set their own cookies on those ads and if you click through to a third party website.  If you click through these ads, your computer will be recognized, through the cookies set by that ad.  This will store information about your I.D. and help to offer ads relevant to you.  Our policy will not cover any type of cookies by advertisers however.

Acceptance Of  Our Terms

You will accept these terms of our policy by using our site.  If, however, you are unhappy about any parts of this policy you should not use this site.  If you do continue to use our site and there are any changes to our policy and you continue to use the site, you will be accepting our terms and those changes also.

Contact Us

If you wish to contact us about any issue concerning this Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate in contacting us at;

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