Cloud Storage Rating Criteria

The development of cloud storage services has created a simple way of backing up files and retrieving them from any place in the world with any device that access the worldwide web. Individuals and businesses have the flexibility of securing their files and sharing those files with others without having to attach that data to an email that may get lost or retrieved by an unwanted recipient.

Every cloud storage review site has its own rating criteria. Some base their ratings on other review websites, while the best reviews are conducted by cloud experts and remote backup IT professionals. This is what does. We retain the leading cloud specialists that have worked with remote backup services for years.

Rating Method

Our retained experts do not just rate each of our top 10 cloud storage services based on other data, they actually use these services. We also use a quality check that our specialist must use to rate each cloud storage provider. Here are some of the things that are part of our quality check.

  • Competitive Pricing
  • A Free Trial Plan
  • A Free Storage Plan
  • Security
  • General Storage Space
  • A File Restoring Option
  • A Multi-Computer Plan
  • A Single Computer Plan
  • Remote Access And Sharing Options
  • A Website Remote Access And Sharing Option
  • A Mobile Remote Access And Sharing Option
  • A Variety Of Plans Available To Choose From
  • Business Plan Availability
  • The Variety Of Operating Systems Supported With Cloud Storage Services
  • Stability
  • Reliability
  • Downtime
  • Customer Service
  • Support Services

After looking at all of these quality points, we rate each cloud storage service. We even offer a comparison chart where you can see each of the top 10 cloud storage providers beside each other. This page shows you what each service provides and you can see which service does not offer the same features.

Review Process

Not only do we use these quality points to rate our top 10 cloud storage providers, but we also look at webmaster reviews and customer comments. We search the Internet for any positives and negatives found with a service provider, then check those comments out ourselves to see if they have any merit. Our primary goal is to assist our readers in finding the best cloud storage they can find. The best way of doing that is using the same cloud storage rating criteria for every provider we review. We take an expert view of each service, then we make a request from our readers who have used those cloud storage services to make comments or rate the provider themselves. This way we can offer our readers an unbiased and objective review, while still showing the sentiment of some of the actual customers.

Providing Readers With Options

Besides rating each cloud storage provider, also offers a selection tool. You can choose the options your need from a cloud storage service through our selection tool on our “Top 10 Cloud Storage Providers” page. Here you can select which features you need from a cloud storage service, such as storage space, supported OS, payment method, price and rating desired. You will then be go to another page that will show you every cloud storage service that meets your personal criteria.

You will find using the selection tool will help you limit your cloud storage services to only the ones that offer the requirements you need. We want to hear back from any of our readers to help us improve our rating criteria and website. Do not hesitate to contact us with any comments, but we highly recommend you find a cloud storage service to back up your important data.