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Backblaze Review

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Backblaze is a handy utility that is very easy to use, allowing users to restore their date in the simplest way. It can easily be installed without creating any problems for your device.

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Backblaze backup application is one of the easiest to use as compared to other backup software. There is no actual need to select the type of file or folder that one wants to backup. This means that all your data will be backed up without your need to do anything. Further, it is an unlimited package of continuous applications so one does not have to worry about paying extra for going out of limit. There is unlimited storage, bandwidth and file size. These unlimited features are offered by designing the world most efficient and effective cloud storage system. There are no overpriced hardware, no load balancers and no databases. In this busy life, there is no time to think about organizing your online life in proper order. Backblaze makes it easy, quick and instant for you. It is the fastest and easiest way to synchronize all your online files. Even the files on a tablet or mobile phone such as iPhone or Android are streamlined and stored at one place, thus, making the files accessible wherever the user is at the moment. The user can also produce backup files for emergency situations, transfer the files from one device to another and can open them in the blink of an eye. A proper Backblaze review will provide the user with its features, download instructions and an idea about creating backups online.

Features of Backblaze

Backblaze backs up everything on your computer except the applications, operating files and temporary files. It does not matter whether you are connected to WiFi or not. If one is connected to the internet, then the system is running the backup. When the files are changed, then also Backblaze backs them up so that the user does not have to remember all the file updates. The user can choose to schedule the backups at a convenient time or just click ‘Backup now’.  The data is automatically encrypted on the system, after which it is send to an encrypted connection and then the data is stored on the device. The process of encryption is used in order to protect all the data from being lost. If any external drives are used such as USB or Firewire, Backblaze will back up those as well.

If different members of a family use different computers such as laptop, desktop or notebooks, then also Backblaze will back up each of the device in just few minutes. Now you do not have to worry about finding the relevant files in all the folders. It has also developed a special engine in order to ensure that there is no slowdown of the system in use. An automatic throttle is always at service that uses the internet connection in the most efficient manner possible. Normal home connection allow the user to backup only 2 to 4 GB per day but Backblaze provides the user with the option of using more or less of the internet connection.

Installation and use

Backblaze is a handy utility that is very easy to use, allowing users to restore their date in the simplest way. It can easily be installed without creating any problems for your device. No expertise is required for the downloading process and the user just need to follow some installation steps to have this application on the computer. All the guidance is provided online and the downloading starts automatically once the user clicks on ‘download’. It will take only minutes to complete this simple process. Once it is downloaded, the user just needs to run the program to start the installation.


Backblaze compresses, duplicates and backs up all the data as efficiently as possible. If some files are stored twice, Backblaze will de-duplicate to back all that up to make it one. If the user wants to restore it, then it will be put back to both the places. Backblaze will also compress all the large files so that storage space can be saved as much as possible. All the changes will also be backed up by this application. The user can restore it at any time by having a USB drive or simply by downloading a zip file.

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