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BackupGenie Review

Price: $4.95 Per Month

Our BackupGenie review found that this provider offers all the basic features you would find through most cloud providers.

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BackupGenie is one of the more stable cloud storage providers. This is the way this online backup services is standing out from the rest. It provides its members with easy software usage, which also helps it stand out from all the other cloud providers that are just confusing to use and operate. The website even uses the words “easy” and “simple” on its main page. Even the sign-up process is simple. You only need to enter your name, email and choose a password to start the download process. At the time of this publication, our BackupGenie review found that this service has four different business packages and three different personal packages.

What to Expect From BackupGenie

Our BackupGenie review is written so our readers will know what to expect from this cloud provider. When you first go onto the website, you will find a helpful main page and services that work with all Windows operating systems, Android and Mac devices. After you select the “Download App,” the software begins to install within a few seconds. The services boasts about being the most user-friendly provider on the net. It also states it uses the simplest commands in its control panel.


The provider offers numerous packages for both personal and business use, with each package offering different amounts of storage capabilities, along with an unlimited storage capacity package, which is what a lot of users are searching for in a cloud provider.

This backup storage service maintains every document and file that you upload for an unlimited amount of time, unless the user chooses to delete that file. It also maintains a copy of each version of a file, in case you need to look at a previous version for research purposes. When our cloud professionals began using this provider during their review, they did find all this to be true.

Sync and Backup Files

Our BackupGenie review found that this service backs up all files automatically on a schedule the user sets. Once you make up the schedule, you be assured that your files are maintained without having to do anything other than set the initial backup schedule.

The BackupGenie only provides service for one piece of equipment, if you want to sync files to multiple units, you will be charged an additional fee for each computer or device, no matter what type of operating system this equipment is using.


Sharing Files

Sharing files was found to be very simple during our BackupGenie review. All you need to accomplish is locate the file you share with others, hover your cursor over that file, which will pop-up the “Share” feature. You will then be transferred to a new page where you need to only enter your sharing partners email, or the email addresses of all the people you want to share those files with. You can even insert a message, but BackupGenie will automatically send an invitation. The recipients still have download the software to view your shared files.

Restoring Your Data

The BackupGenie review found that you can restore any files through two different methods. If the files are small, you can easily use the control panel to restore the data. However, if the files are larger, these files can be retrieved through the “Restore” tab on the desktop app.


Pricing Structure

During the BackupGenie review, we found several different pricing structures this service offered. They are broken down into personal or business packages.

Personal Package

  • 75GB are $4.49 a month
  • 250GB are $6.95 a month
  • Unlimited data storage is $9.95 a month

Business Packages

  • Start-up 100GB for 3 users is $199 a year
  • Pro 250GB for 10 users is $349 a year
  • Premium 500GB for 3 users is $499 a year
  • Enterprise 1TB for 50 users is $749 a year

The one thing we found to be frustrating is that BackupGenie does not offer any free trial periods so you can determine whether this cloud provider works the best for your requirements. It does have a 30-day guarantee where it will refund your initial payment if you do not believe the service is for you.

You can choose to pay monthly, semi-annually or annually. The longer the payment method chosen with save you money. For example, pay semi-annually saves you 10 percent, pay annually and you save 25 percent, while paying for two years will save you 35 percent. You can choose to pay with a credit card or through PayPal.

Expected Features

Our BackupGenie review found that this provider offers all the basic features you would find through most cloud providers. If you are an IT professional, you will be disappointed in the features this service offers its clients. There are really no custom features so they can easily market to every Internet user. Here is a list of a few of the basic features offered by this service:

  • Works with Mac and Windows operating systems
  • Can choose to share your files publicly or privately through emails or social networks
  • Mobile operating system connections is available, Android or iOS
  • Scheduling options
  • Automated services
  • Sync with multiple equipment with a maximum of 20GB of syncing space

If you are a Linux user, you will find this is not the cloud service for you. Even though it will share files with WINE, it will not back up the files.

BackupGenie Reviews

Customer Service Availability

The BackupGenie review found that this provider is similar to a couple of our other top 10 cloud services. It does not offer phone support or online chatting capabilities with customer support. You can email customer support and it does not take long to get a response, but BackupGenie offers a host of online help videos that will answer all of your questions. The service does say it offers 24-hour service, but we found it does take a little time to get an answer back, but most of our questions were answered within 24 hours of sending off the email.


Our BackupGenie review found that this is one of the easier services to use, but were disappointed in no free trial, no phone support so we could talk to a person and it did not offer advanced features for more experience cloud users. We were also disappointed in the pricing structures. Even though it offer a good price, paying for additional device so we could sync files was not a good idea.

However, we were impressed with how easy it was to use and share files. We found that we could always connect to the service without interruption and the service was extremely stable. If you are wanting to backup your important files, we found this to be one of our top 10 providers. We did believe it worked best for individuals, even though it had several business plans, it was too simplistic for our business needs.

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