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Backupify Review

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This backup system is one of the most talked about backup system that is doing the rounds on the virtual world of internet.

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This backup system is one of the most talked about backup system that is doing the rounds on the virtual world of internet. Backupify is for those of you who would be happy with backup of Google apps data and social media data only but if you are looking for a backup system that will deliver all the traditional backup services, you are in for a jolt.

This one does not provide backup solutions for word documents, files, photos and presentations. Hence, you can see that it is not a complete package. Though it does score well on many points, there are many mishaps connected to it. Backupify Review will further enlighten you on the pros and cons of Backupify.

Backupify Features

Backupify does have many advantages attached to it but it falters in many aspects. The features of Backupify are limited and hence you can carry out only basic functions with this backup system. These basic functions include transferring of your backups, restoring of your backup data, browsing through your backup data online, etc. The main objective behind Backupify is that it strengthens the security of Google applications which include Google calendar, Google Sites and Gmail.

backupify review

It also ensures that your online site data is saved securely. Hence, this backup system is compact with useful functions but does not cover all the traditional functions. If you want to archive your digital world, this backup system is just for you. It helps the administrator in restoring files which have been deleted accidentally. The security features of the data of the cloud world by Backupify are quite impressive and have been given thumbs up.Though it needs improvement in many of its features, it rules in the main features. Like its competitors, Backupify should change its plan of giving one backup account in a day. It should change it to offering around 2 to 3 accounts which will helpful to the users.

Installation and usage

This backup system is very easy to use and install. All you have to do is to sign up and account and then you will be presented with the list of services that you require. Many a times the users can face the token authentication approach in which the users will be given a unique token rather than a username and password. After this confirmation is made, you give access to Backupify to access your data. Hence access management is simplified for both the user and the interface.

In fact, access management is very important when more than one party are involved. It cuts down a lot of hassles and confusion. Speaking of authentication, it is seen that the only system that does not support this authentication is Zoho. Hence this can create problem for Zoho users. Otherwise, installation and usage will not pose any problem to the users. Another advantage with Backupify is that it comes at a nominal price and hence you will not have to spend a high amount for getting this backup system. Backupify is very serious about data storage and one you use it; you will not have to worry about the security of your data.


This backup system is a good one, provided you are looking for objective type of work. If you are looking for comprehensive functions, you will be disappointed. Essential functions are included in this backup system and the rest is left out. Hence, it is very useful for its targeted users. So, if your main target is to backup Google apps, you should reach out for it. You must opt for a complete backup system if you want a more comprehensive coverage which backs up every kind of file. This backup system gets thumbs up for backing up Google apps so well and thumbs down for leaving out the rest. This backup system does not have a mass appeal and hence does not cater to the needs of majority of internet users who are looking for backup solutions.

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