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Box.com review

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If you are in search of a storage service that is loaded with features, you should take a look at Box.com.

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If you are in search of a storage service that is loaded with features, you should take a look at Box.com. This service has been patronized by professionals in this field. If you are doing a job which involves working on more than one computer, this storage service will help you in many ways. Its main objective is to lend a helping hand to the users who require many computers at a time for their work. It has remarkable backup capacity which is an added advantage. In fact its first job is as a backup service but it provides storage services too. This backup service is loaded with numerous helpful features like quick file sharing links, automatic file syncing and assigning task to the users who are a part of the work. Though Box.com has professional as well as private uses, it has made a mark in the business world which is commendable. When it comes to backup services, this service is the first choice of the businessmen across the globe. The best companies of the world make use of this service to be in tune with changing times. Box.com Review will help you get better versed with this wonderful service. Here, take a look:

Box.com Features

Box.com has numerous features that are very useful for the computer users. With the help of this service, the tiresome work of storing data becomes easier. It boasts of full desktop integration that helps the users in getting information about the location of the folders that are on your computer and automatically linking them with the folders that are on some other computer. This means that you can continue with the work that you have been doing at your office, at home and that too without the hassle of email it. What can be better than this? This feature is a favorite amongst all the users. Another very interesting feature is that you can share your files with the other users very easily and this can be done without logging into your account at Box.com. So, if large emails are a hassle to send to your co-workers, you can take the help of this feature to make the job easier. There are numerous helpful features like custom branding, Salesforce.com integration, custom apps, etc. These features are very useful or enterprise workers.

Box.com review

Installation and use

Installation of this backup service is very easy and so far there have been no qualms about the process. The interface is also very user-friendly which does not pose problem to the users.


The storage space that you get for personal and enterprise accounts is varied. With personal accounts, you will get a storage space of 5GB but this is not a problem as the users can upgrade the storage space to 25GB. With enterprise account, the user gets unlimited storage space but the costs are higher than personal accounts.


Overall, this service is a very tidy one with numerous helpful features. Busy online workers find this service very helpful especially when they are working from different computers. This service helps in better file sharing and large amount of data can be transferred without the hassle of emailing it. In fact, these features are lifesaver for the users. One very important feature which every user finds helpful is that this service helps in storing all the backup file copies and then as you edit them from any computer, the copies will be edited automatically. Corporate users are crazy for this service as it helps them in numerous jobs. The advanced business features help them complete their task quicker and without any hassles. The backup service that this service gives is commendable. This service has helped in giving new horizons for the business world. It has helped the businessmen make the best of the opportunities that they get. This service gets thumbs up for its feature rich services.

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