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Carbonite Review

Price: $4.91 per month

The Carbonite review by our cloud experts found that this service offers exceptional security features when uploading or downloading files to your systems. It also uses a unique backup feature that uses two different file centers.

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If you are looking for a cheaper way to backup your files, then this Carbonite review is for you. This cloud service does not limit the storage capacity you use and works with both Mac and Windows computers. The pricing structures are designed for people wanting to save the maximum amount of money when using backup services.

Cloud services offer an affordable way of saving any files that you believe are important. Instead of using DVDs, CDs, and for businesses, additional servers, to backup your files. You can upload documents, photographs, movies or anything that you deem important, to these providers. Many price their services based on the space you will use, but our Carbonite backup review found that you can use this without limit.

We have used the leading Cloud IT specialists to conduct research on each backup service. We used a checklist that was designed by business owners and individuals concerning what each cloud service should have to be the best. However, we also found that many of the file backup providers reviews we conducted must inform our readers about what each service offers their members.

Carbonite Features

The first thing our Carbonite review looked at in this cloud provider is the features. These are what a service can do for you and offers its members when backing up your files. It is helpful information that you can see quickly to make sure this provider has some of the things you think are important.

  • Trail period for 15 days
  • Works with Mac and Windows operating systems
  • Works with Android, iPhone and iPad mobile devices
  • Has apps for each compatible mobile device
  • Cheaper than most cloud services
  • Has 24-hour support
  • Has good security features to protect files
  • Easy to use services
  • Control panel is easy to operate
  • Automatic backup
  • Recovery and restore services
  • External hard-drive cloud services available
  • Recovery of hard drive

While these are just some of the features we found during our Carbonite backup review, you will find more depending on the plan you sign up to use.

Service Plans

Our Carbonite review found that this cloud provider offers different service plans to their clients. Each plan provides additional features, but you will find Carbonite uses the same security protection for all plans.

  • Home
  • Home Plus
  • Home Premier
  • Carbonite Business

Each package includes all the basic features and its business package offers additional feature that backup your entire business files, but charges an annual rate.

carbonite review

Carbonite Security

The Carbonite review by our cloud experts found that this service offers exceptional security features when uploading or downloading files to your systems. It also uses a unique backup feature that uses two different file centers. By using two centers, this cloud provider can assure each member that their files will never be lost or accidentally deleted. If one center goes down, you always have access to the other center. All your files are kept on both systems.

You cannot ask much more from a cloud service when it comes to security. The SSL encryption used by Carbonite to send or receive your data is the best you could use. This makes Carbonite one of the top providers through our research.

Support Services

Our Carbonite review found that this service offers 24-hour support services. This service can be accessed through email support, telephone support or online chat services. Anytime you need to contact support for help with your bill or accessing your files, you will be able to speak to someone, live or remotely.

Pricing for Each Plan

During our Carbonite review, we found this cloud service to offer one the best prices on backup services. However, these prices are based on storage on one computer and the business packages are based on capacity.

  • Home package is $59 a year for one computer
  • Home Plus is $99 a year for one computer
  • Home Premier is $149 a year for one computer
  • Business is $229 a year for 250GB of file storage, unlimited computer access
  • Business Premier is $599 a year for 500GB of file storage, unlimited computer access

The biggest problem with these plans is that our Carbonite backup review found that multiple computer usage for each plan is only available with Windows operating systems. Mac systems can be used with this cloud service, but cannot be added on for the multiple computer usage, it can only be used with one Mac computer or system.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Few cloud review sites tell their readers about the advantages and disadvantages of a backup service, but when we can, our cloud experts can find what works best and what does not.


  • Offers unlimited storage capacity
  • Uses two backup centers
  • Cost of service
  • Clients find it easy to operate
  • Works with mobile and desktop equipment
  • Has restore capabilities


  • Does not offer multiple computer backup services to Mac systems, only Windows
  • Priced for only one computer
  • Occasionally causes movies to skip
  • Deletes older versions after 30 days

You can always find additional advantages and disadvantages with this system. If you have used this cloud, our Carbonite backup review will only benefit from your comments. We encourage readers to tell us their experiences with each cloud service we have reviewed to ensure that all our readers are receiving the most competent review as possible.


While conducting this Carbonite review, we found this service to be one of our top 10 providers. It offers a free trial that allows you to see what it can offer you, unlimited capacity, is easy to use and a host of other fantastic features. The prices are some of the best in this industry, which makes backing up your files cheaper than most of the other providers on our list. The security and backup capabilities of this cloud is one of the best and if users are looking for the an extremely great security cloud, then you need this provider.

However, our Carbonite backup review also found this service to be one of the few that do not offer file versioning for Mac systems. If you have multiple computers you want to use on the same account, Mac operating systems cannot be used with this cloud provider. We also found that this service is not as stable as other cloud services when it comes to watching a movie that you uploaded to the service. This provider is still one of the best cloud services on the market and you should look at which package works the best for everything you want to back up.

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