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Cloud Berry Review

Price: $10 per month

Cloud Berry allows the user to ease the uploading process by increasing the overall speed. It becomes a matter of few clicks for the user and the files will then be automatically uploaded in the account.

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Cloud Berry is backup software that is designed to encrypt and compress data in Windows server environment. It is supported by a user-friendly interface, allowing the user to restore data in few simple steps. It supports fifteen public cloud storage, which include Amazon Glacier, Google storage, Amazon S3, and Windows Azure. It also keeps backups off site when on site copy is created for fast restoration. Before transferring actual data to the cloud, it will make sure that all the backups are properly encrypted. Its friendly web interface allows all the backups to be restored so that the users can easily access it whenever they want. Compression of backups will also reduce the storage cost which gives the user an economic benefit as well. Cloud Berry review highlights the fact that this kind of online backup supports many mechanisms, which gives flexibility to the user to control who, how, when and where the data can be accessed. If one wants to back up all the desktop files or mirror the data to different locations, then Amazon online backup is the right solution to fulfill all such requirements. The companies are dedicated to developing new features together with affordable cloud storage solutions to all the internet users. Innovative and high-tech companies develop and provide this kind of software in order to make online storage and access quick and easy for the users.

Features of Cloud Berry

Cloud Berry allows the user to ease the uploading process by increasing the overall speed. It becomes a matter of few clicks for the user and the files will then be automatically uploaded in the account. It provides many features that give different access to different mechanisms. These include encryption and compression of data with reliable cloud storage support. Local backups will be provided on virtual disk together with real time backups as well. Other features also include identity and access management, which enable multiple users to manage and store data under one account. This type of feature is particularly useful in large organizations where large amounts of information need to be saved and backup is needed in urgent situations. Access control lists are also available to give permission to authentic users.

Cloud Berry also provides durable storage so that the user can store data in several different forms. It provides high durability by storing the data on different facilities before giving a successful result. It checks the entire network traffic to make sure that data is not corrupted during the retrieval process. The user can securely download or upload data through online backups with the help of encrypted endpoints. If the user is able to manage encryption keys, then he or she can even use encryption feature to format the data before downloading it on the desktop. The user can also use the Versioning feature to restore, retrieve or preserve the data. This allows the user to recover any application failures. Data life cycle management facilities will also make it easy for the users to manage their data. Intelligent bandwidth scheduler, network backups and altering notifications are some other features that Cloud Berry provides to make things further easy for the user.

Installation and use

Cloud Berry can easily be installed without creating any problems for your device. No expertise is required for the downloading process and the user just need to follow some installation steps to have this application on the computer. All the guidance is provided online and the downloading starts automatically once the user clicks on ‘download’. It will take only minutes to complete this simple process. Once it is downloaded, the user just needs to run the program to start the installation. Different versions and edition are available online, from which the user can choose one and make the purchase. Some instructions will be provided to the user, which are very easy to follow. Following those instructions, the setup will start and Cloud Berry will be installed on the computer and you will be good to go!


Accountability for data backups is becoming a very complicated process for all internet users. There is so much data to be generated every day that is to be saved for a longer periods of time so it is common that backups fall by the wayside. Cloud Berry is there to provide the users with the status updates of their data and files.

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