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Comodo Cloud Review

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Comodo Cloud application changes everything for the user. One just needs to save the files in a specific folder after which immediate access will be provided, irrespective of the user’s location.

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Comodo Cloud is software that enables online users to keep their important files safe on the web. They can access the data at any time of the day. Comodo Cloud is being used as online storage and authentication service all over the world. It is an open service that allows the user to store and make all the files available in the cloud by using only one folder. If all the files will be available in the cloud, then the user can easily access them even through a cell phone. This means that the users can also share data with friends and close acquaintances. A convenient backup will also be available in case something goes wrong. Comodo Cloud Review will tell the user that it is a great source of comfort when one is on the go, especially if one has forgotten a document at home. The user can immediately access it from any computer or Smartphone. Now documents and other files become a matter of few clicks and everything will be available at your fingertips. Comodo Cloud has been designed in such a way that it excels at handling all types of files including music, videos and photos. The companies are dedicated to developing new features together with affordable cloud storage solutions to all the internet users. Innovative and high-tech companies develop and provide this kind of software in order to make online storage and access quick and easy for the users.

Features of Comodo Cloud

Comodo Cloud can be installed on multiple computers at the same time, for example, on home and work computer so that you can have all the files available on both the computers. There is no longer a need to have a USB-memory stick with you. Further, it also allows the user synchronize multiple folders simultaneously. Now you can keep your photos, music, videos and documents all organized in the same folder as you always wanted to have but now with an additional Comodo Cloud features. The users can enhance the use of this software by having iPhone or Android phone. Once it is installed on the device, one can easily access the data all over the network. If the user makes changes in the cloud, then all the required changes will be made to other data as well. For instance, if a photo is taken with Cloud iPhone application and saved in the Cloud folder, then it will also be available on the computer drive as well.

The user can also share the files while on the go directly from a Smartphone or tablet. Comodo Cloud also setup the folders so that they can be automatically synchronized. As now everything will be available in the cloud, one can feel safe if something goes wrong in the computer. There is a Cloud Web share feature that allows the user to share links to files or folders through instant messaging or emails. Data life cycle management facilities will also make it easy for the users to manage their data. The experts of this software will design, execute and support private solutions in order to ensure that different requirements of different users are fulfilled.

Installation and use

Comodo Cloud can easily be installed without creating any problems for your device. No expertise is required for the downloading process and the user just need to follow some installation steps to have this application on the computer. All the guidance is provided online and the downloading starts automatically once the user clicks on ‘download’. It will take only minutes to complete this simple process. Once it is downloaded, the user just needs to run the program to start the installation.


Comodo Cloud application changes everything for the user. One just needs to save the files in a specific folder after which immediate access will be provided, irrespective of the user’s location. When an update is needed, the user needs not to worry. All the updates are automatically saved and the user can open the files offline as well. Whether it is music, video or photos, Cloud will take care of everything. It is the best way to synchronize all the files with complete security, simplicity and ease-of-use.

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