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JustCloud Review

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The JustCloud not only backups the file, but also synchronizes the file. Accessing is simpler when compared to other online backup providers. Even though the files can be stored without any limit to the size, organizing the files is also easier through this service.

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JustCloud is one of the top online storage centers and back-up file solutions being used by private Internet users and businesses to ensure all their files are accessible, as well as safely stored in a place that can be accessed from anywhere around the world. It also allows members to share those files with telecommuting employees or clients.

The services offers businesses a new way of backing up their files without the need to purchase more servers for on-site storage, as well as opens up space that can be used for money-making aspects of the business. JustCloud offers unlimited storage of any file size and does it for a reasonable price, allowing businesses to use those funds to invest back into their company.



Why a JustCloud Review is Needed

Online file storage providers are relatively new to the technology industry and many IT specialists are finally learning how to implement this new technology. All types of data can be stored in a network of storage servers onine. This is a third-party storage facility that is offered so you do not have to use space on your computer or storage server, as well as backs-up all this data so you will never have to worry about losing it or it becoming corrupted from an Internet virus. Reading a JustCloud review helps our readers learn more about this provider and show the differences between jother providers offering the same service.

Why Use JustCloud

The JustCloud backups are easier to access than most online backup providers. All you have to do is register with the service and you can begin backing up your files, as well as sharing them with others. The advantages of the just cloud are:

  • It has a free trial period available
  • The price for unlimited storage is below average
  • The reliability is better than many other providers
  • All files are secured and encrypted
  • Everything is 100 percent automated
  • Has an online control panel
  • Technical support is available 24/7
  • Connects to all operating systems so you can share with data with friends or employees

Who Uses JustCloud

Any person looking to back up their files or share those files with business personnel or friends without any worry about that data becoming corrupted, being lost or not having the proper operating system to send that file to another person. Photos and videos are stored easier on this system than with other online storage providers. You can even use the free trial to determine whether this service works for you.

Once the files are stored, then it can be accessed from anywhere. Some people have doubts about the security of the file, but there is no need to worry. The files are very secure because of the encryption software used on each server.

Unlimited Backup

Our JustCloud review looks at what this provider offers in backup size and how easy it synchronizes those files. Accessing is simpler when compared to other online backup providers. Even though the files can be stored without any limit to the size, organizing the files is also easier through this service.


justcloud review

The backups are synchronized with 1 GB free space. However, if you want to increase the space, then we can extend it by paying a little more. To view the files from anywhere, the synchronization is a required feature.

Speed of the Backup

Backing up files takes time, but our JustCloud review looked at how fast this service allows you to upload and back up any size file. The backup should be done on a priority basis. The speed of the backup is generally based on the speed of the Internet connection, but is also determined by the quality the online storage service. JustCloud has top-quality servers that offer the fasted upload speed compared to other services.

Ease of Use

The JustCloud is easy to use. Our JustCloud review includes how to set up its service on your system.

  • Complete registration
  • Download the JustCloud software to your system
  • Start uploading your files and sharing them with others that have the same software on their systems. You share through email addresses.

Automatic Backup

The backup now button should always be used after you upload a data, but there is an  automatic backup feature that you can use to ensure your files are not lost. If the file is backed up quickly every day, then you can buy the hourly backups at lower cost.

The backup service should be done correctly, in order to save the files for a long time. The settings should be changed to the unlimited option. Otherwise some files may be lost.

Sync folder:

The synchronization option is added automatically, when the JustCloud is added. There is one separate folder called “Sync Folder” used to synchronize the files. If you want to synchronize the files to all your other devices, just drag and drop the files to that folder.

Check Backups

Our JustCloud review includes our experts checking the uploaded files. The time and size can be found on the uploaded files by checking each of those files. The space remaining in the folder can also be found. You can make the files automatically backup in the order of their priority. That is, the backup order can be decided by you.

Before starting to upload the file, the Justcloud states how much space remains. The last backup date and time is also displayed, which gives you the surety that the data is not lost.


justcloud pricing


The safety of the file is a high priority for JustCloud, when you compare its services to other providers. All the typical files can be uploaded in the Justcloud. The behavior of the large and small files also varies because the size does make a difference in performance. The files are scanned first and then the backup is completed, but it always occurred during our review.


Intruders cannot access the data because JustCloud uses the most up-to-date security features for their members. The business files are also protected from intruders and can only be shared with authorized users that you permit. Since hackers and intruders are everywhere, the one thing that you must pay attention to is the password you use during registration. The phone numbers, personal information or the consecutive numbers should never be used as the password.

Not for the JustCloud, but for all registration, the password should be selected carefully. The encryption algorithm used in the JustCloud is an AES encryption. All data is encrypted and stored with this algorithm.

The antivirus software is used to cleaning the system periodically. If the system is not cleaned properly, the virus may attack the files, which will allow intruders to easily hack your files.

Restoring Files

Our JustCloud review also found that all files can be restored easily, after the backup process. The JustCloud has the straight process for restoration. The thing you have to do is open the client and click the restore file options.

The multiple accesses for restoring the files can be done for an additional cost. The level you use needs to be selected. The speed taken for restoring the file is also provided by JustCloud.

The restore of files can be done at the time of backing up the files. This service is special, when compared to other service providers. The structure of each type of file is retained at the time of restoration.

Sharing Files

Sharing and synchronizing files is also an easy feature of JustCloud. You login, then select the share a folder option, which can be shared through email addresses. The file can be viewed only after signing up for JustCloud.

Customer Service

If you have any problem during backup, the customer support is there to help you. They are quick to respond, when compared to others. The JustCloud has the 24 hours service. They are some services who do not respond when a question is technically oriented.

Our JustCloud review found that this provider offers one of the top-rated customer service at the time of this publication. They provide clear support when needed and at any time.

Mobile Access

The mobile accessing of the JustCloud is very good and is designed to fit all mobile phones, including smartphones with Android, Mac, Windows or any other software. The files can be easily navigated in JustCoud. You may have to set up mobile access after registering with the provider.

Price Details

The price is fixed on the monthly basis, but a free trail option lasts 14 days. The unlimited online storage with upfront payment is available. All the services have the money back guarantee. The price of the service is cheap, when compared to others.

  • $9.95 a month
  • $6.96 a month for 6 months if paid up front
  • $5.95 a month for 12 months if paid up front


Our JustCloud review found that this service is rated top of our top 10 list. The backup should be used for all your files, which helps when you want to share or access those files while on the go or traveling. The security is the best thing about this provider. The backup should be made with the synchronization of files. It is cost effecitve way of providing file storage and saves you a lot of company footage that saves you money when renting or expanding your business. You can enjoy this provider with a confident mind because of your files are stored, secured and protected from any fires, virus or equipment damage.

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  • Michel says:
    5 stars

    i have been using justcloud since 3 months and i found its service very good specially syncing the file is very excellent option that makes me able to access files from anywhere anytime.

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    Rating: 3.3/5 (8 votes cast)
  • Fred Gruner says:
    2 stars

    I have an unlimited account, and I need to backup about 2TB. First I paid the $10 upgrade, which got me an upload speed of about 2.2Mb/sec which isn’t bad, but I would have expected faster. My backup ran for about a month reliably, then just when I got to 1TB of storage, the backup program stopped and wouldn’t upload any more files. I asked support, and they told me that my account had been suspended for using too much bandwidth, and wouldn’t give me a timeframe for lifting the suspension. So I have unlimited storage, but I’m not allowed the bandwidth to actually use the storage.. So the unlimited storage option is actually 1TB only. Other that this annoyance, I actually liked the service .

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    Rating: 3.0/5 (2 votes cast)

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