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LiveDrive Review

Price: 7.95 Per Month

LiveDrive offers a host of services to anyone individual or business looking for a way to save money or space on their servers when it comes cloud storage.

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LiveDrive offers a host of services to anyone individual or business looking for a way to save money or space on their servers when it comes to document and file backup, as well as storage. With the increase in computer usage for document filing and the availability of the Internet around the world, many users are needing ways to make access to their important files more convenient. During our LiveDrive review, we looked at how convenient this cloud storage service can make access to any files through many different types of devices.

Features Found During LiveDrive Review

Every user wants to know what a cloud provider can offer them in the way of features. While conducting our review of this remote file storage service, we found these features to be the best and most accessible, as well as being used by most of the members.

  • Desktop Software
  • Personalization of Web Portal
  • Drag and Drop capabilities
  • Facebook Integration
  • Sync files to any PC
  • Create and Edit office documents
  • File Versioning
  • Music and Movie accessibility
  • File sharing capabilities
  • Mobile access
  • 2 Week Free Trial

Many of the members we spoke with during our LiveDrive review said they enjoyed these features the most. However, if you are a business, then you may want to customize your feature so you can manage your account better and monitor it without interruption.

Installation of LiveDrive

LiveDrive review found that this service is just as easy as any other provider when it comes to installation of its software onto any operating system. The service has four different plans that you can choose from, depending on your needs: Backup, Briefcase, Pro Suite and Business. Each one offers different features and comes at a different cost.

However, when you first sign up, the installation process can be accomplished by downloading its software. It is recommended that you use the free 14-day trail to determine whether this service works for all your needs and how well you like the accessibility.

Like a lot of cloud providers, LiveDrive also has a reseller program that you can use to increase your revenue and start your own cloud storage business. This program has no limit on the customers you sign up for this cloud storage service and lets you monitor your program through a host of customized account software.


Pricing Structure of LiveDrive

Our cloud experts found that LiveDrive has numerous pricing structures you can choose from, based on what you need and can afford.

  • Backup – $7.95 monthly or $79.95 annually for one computer and $1.45 for each computer you share your account with
  • Briefcase –  $15.95 monthly or $159.95 annually no computer limit
  • Pro Suite – $24.95 monthly or $349.95 annually no computer limit
  • Business – For 2TB at $49.95 monthly for 3 computers
  • Business – For 10TB at $159.95 monthly for 10 or more computers

LiveDrive does not limit the amount of storage available for each type of plan, which makes it a little different than a lot of our recommended cloud services top 10 list. Its free trial period is also a benefit so you can determine if it works like you expected.

The reseller program will cost you $59.95 a month, but places no restrictions on what you charge your clients or how many clients you can sign up. This can help you pay for the service you receive from LiveDrive. It does offer assistance when joining the reseller program so you know what landing pages work best to sell its services and tracks your sales through a reseller account software.


Advantages and Disadvantages Found During LiveDrive Review

During our LiveDrive review we had the ability to find several things we liked and several things we disliked about this cloud service. By listing these advantages and disadvantages, we can offer you a clearer picture of how this service works and its capabilities.

LiveDrive Advantages

  • Web Portal. One aspect we liked best about LiveDrive was its ability for a personalized web portal. During set up, you will be allowed to choose a personal URL that takes you directly to your account. You will be able to share any files through a “Files Shared With You” tab, but also password protect any files you want to keep to yourself.
  • Drag and Drop. Dragging and dropping files from your computer or other device is an option not offered by every cloud service on our top 10 list, but LiveDrive does offer this capability. This feature makes it easier to transfer files from your personal device to your LiveDrive backup and sharing account.
  • Integration with Facebook. This feature allows you to drag and drop files from your LiveDrive account to your Facebook account, as well as from your Facebook account to your LiveDrive account. You can share any files you like with your Facebook friends through this integration software. Few cloud providers offer this feature.
  • File Sharing. File sharing is one of the easier features offered by this cloud service. You simple click the Share tab and you can let anyone look at your files or you can make a public sharing folder that anyone can view.
  • Versioning Files. LiveDrive keeps every version of your files you upload to your account. If you decide that you need to retrieve an older version of a file, you can easily do that through this feature.

LiveDrive Disadvantages

  • Synchronization. The basic package does not offer automatic synchronization. You will have to purchase the Briefcase plan to get this feature.
  • Scheduling Backup. LiveDrive does not offer a scheduling backup feature. This service only allows you to share, upload and access your files remotely, but does not backup those files in case you need to restore them.
  • Customer Support. During our LiveDrive review, we found that this cloud service’s customer service was not available when we needed them. Many times they never even responded to our query.
  • Stability. The stability of LiveDrive is one major thing we found problematic. Even though it offers great services, some of the files we uploaded became corrupted and we could not access them. We were also not able to get access to the files at times.
  • Security. The encryption used by LiveDrive was not found to be the best. It would not answer our questions when we wanted to learn more about their security practices and this raised concern.



After our LiveDrive review, we found that there are better cloud providers on the market, but it still met our means testing to make it an average service. We think that the concerns we have with its stability and security raise red flags, but we can still recommend it as one of our top 10 because it is still better than most of the cloud provider services on the market.

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