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Mozy Review

Price: $7.99 Per Month

Mozy is another one of those cloud storage centers that provide its members with online backup capabilities. This service offers three different types of plans.

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Mozy is another one of those cloud storage centers that provide its members with online backup capabilities. This service offers three different types of plans, the home plan, Pro plan and the Enterprise plan. Each has its own features, but you can use the one that best fits your needs.

The free version offers limited backup at 2GB, while the Home plan offers unlimited storage, but comes at a cost. The Pro plan offers the users more features than the Home plan, but does come at a cost. The Enterprise plan is one that is specifically designed for businesses that need a lot of storage capacity and has several computers that their want to share that data with. It has company-level features that allow the business to manage their files.

mozy review

This service is backed up by a larger company than most other cloud services, which makes it more stable than the other online storage centers. The company has IT experts on staff and monitors there servers 24 hours, along with the capability of speaking with an online customer support specialist when questions arise.

Features Seen During Mozy Review

Each plan has its own feature, but during our Mozy review, we found that these features are what most people expect from an online file backup center.

  • Restores files
  • Encrypted and secured file storage
  • Customer Support availability
  • Access anywhere 24 hours a day
  • Backs up files automatically
  • Easy pricing structure
  • Mobile apps for Android or iOS
  • Bandwidth throttling capabilities

Each plan has a different pricing structure, but when you need above 50GB, Mozy can get expensive. However, 2GB provided for the free plan is more than enough for most individuals. If you want to have more control over your files, you should go with the home plan.

Getting Started With Mozy

Our Mozy review looks at how easy it is to get started with this provider. The first step will require you to go directly to the Mozy home page before you can see the free plan. The home plan, like the free plan, costs a fee, but can be set up on Windows and Mac operating systems.

All you do is select “Get Started” to begin set up. This takes you to a “Create Account” page. You will have to enter in all the account information, such as user name, email, password, etc. After this is complete, you will be taken to another page where you can begin the connection process.

Here you will select between operating systems, either Windows or Mac. The download will instantly begin after that. Once completed, you can start uploading the files you want to backup or share. Anytime you get confused with any feature, you can download the PDF instructions manual, which provides detailed steps on how to use any of the features for any of the plans. You can verify anything you do by going back onto your online account and looking at the folders.

If you have any questions about any of the plans, you can contact an account executive to help you decide which plan works best for you. These account executives are made available to help any potential members and are a good idea for any businesses looking to start using this provider.

Backup Restoring

One aspect of our Mozy review that we found to work easily is the backup restore option available for every plan. After uploading your important files, you can easily restore those files if they get lost or corrupted. Through the Mozy interface, you can restore any of your files and then download them back onto your computer or share them with other computers you authorize to access your account.


Just select “Restore” and you can retrieve these files. During our Mozy review we found the restore feature to work without any problems, unless we accessed the account through dial-up Internet services. Here we found the restore feature to work slowly, which is common with this type of ISP.


Encryption Type

During our Mozy review, like all of our reviews, we look at some of the other special features that a provider offers, as well as the encryption and security used to guard your files. Mozy uses a 448 Blowfish version of encryption, then transfers that data to a server that uses 128-bit SSL (Secured Socket Layer) encryption program.

Some of the other special security features offered by Mozy must be noted:

  • Mozy checks your computer to ensure nothing else needs backed up and does this every 2 hours.
  • Continues to store multiple versions of any data changes for up to 30 days, so you can go back and see the original version of any data.
  • If you lose all your files on your computer, Mozy will send you a DVD with all your files so you can download them all at once, or you can download them individually to your computer as needed.

While the encryption used by this provider was one of the best we found from a service, our Mozy review found that the service wast difficult to hack into or intercept data while being transferred. Some of the more basic providers can easily be hacked and all your data can be lost. We did not find this problem with Mozy.


Pricing Structure Found During Our Review

The prices found during our Mozy review ranged greatly from plan to plan, but the the pricing structure begins at $4.95 a month. You can pay for 1 year and get 1 month free or pay for a 2-year membership and get 3 months free if you desire, which saves you a lot in the long term. However, the cost escalated when we wanted more than 50GB of storage capacity. Even at this inflated cost, it still saves larger enterprises a lot of money over time.


Even though Mozy rated in our top 10, it still had many complicated plans that could increase the cost of the service above what other providers offered. However, its security features where better than many other services. This could be a valuable asset if you are storing important client information or personal information. The free service is one that we found to offer the best value, but again, it was limited on storage capacity and features offered.

We found this service to work best for businesses and companies that need to store a lot of data, but we would only recommend the free version to individual users that only want to share basic documents, movies, videos or pics with others. The home plan was not found to be the best value and was not priced to our highest standards, even though it did land in between our pricing range for our quality check.

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