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MyPCBackup Review

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Backing up files is the main purpose of using an online file storage service and our MyPCBackup review found that you can takes steps to schedule your backup times.

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MyPCBackup came online in the summer of 2011 as another one of those online cloud businesses, but after conducting a MyPCBackup review, our IT specialists found that it is one of the better providers. Its features and pricing sets it apart from many of the other providers that are offering online storage capabilities. Our in-depth quality check has found that many of the features found through MyPCBackup exceeded our expectations.

Features Found During Mypcbackup Review

Even though MyPCBackup has many of the features we expected to find from a top cloud provider were above average, we also found that this provider has no mobile app, but did have an iPad app. However, you can find these key features a benefit when using this service as your primary backup file storage provider.

  • Easily restores files
  • All files secured and encrypted
  • Customer support available 24 hours
  • Worldwide access
  • No file restrictions
  • No file storage limitations
  • Automatically backs up all files
  • Affordable

While these are not all the features available through MyPCBackup, you can be assured that these key features are stable and meet all quality standards that all IT experts look for in an online file storage service.


Mypcbackup Review Looks at Getting Started With This Service

Getting started with this service only takes a few minutes once you go onto the MyPCBackup website. You can register for the free trial and begin using the service immediately after downloading the software. All it takes is entering your name, choose a password and enter an email. You will not be asked for a credit card during your trial period. This gives you a chance to use this provider and see if it will fit all your backup file storage needs.

Once you select the “Sign-up” button, you will be taken to the download area of the provider. The download will start automatically. If the download does not start immediately, then you will be able to view a starting video telling you how the service works and what to do next. Even if you are a novice computer user, you will be able to follow the instructions.

After the download is complete, it will only take one click to get the installation started. You will have to log into your account to get started with the service after installation, which only requires your password and email address. At this point you can choose “Backup My Files Folder” or “Custom Selection.” It is recommended that you use the “Backup My Files Folder” during your trial period, unless you know exactly what you want from your online storage service.

Once this selections is made, you need to select “OK” and the system will automatically configure your account settings. Once done, you are moved onto main page for interface. Here you can make any settings for scheduling your backups. During the free trial, you will be limited to the amount of files you can backup. Our mypckackup review found that you are only granted 15MB backup space. You will be given an opportunity to upgrade your account, but you do not need to do this during the free trial period.

Our Mypcbackup Review Looks a Use of Provider

Now that you have started using with this provider, you will be able to control most aspects of your account through MyPCBackup’s control panel. You will be able to see these control panel tabs:

  • Backup
  • Drag & Drop
  • My Files
  • Restore
  • Sync Folders
  • Settings
  • Help

Each one of the tabs are self explanatory, but if you need to learn more about what each tab will provides, you can click on the “Help” tab and learn everything you need without having to contact their customer support. However, if you do need to speak with customer service, you can move down the page to find “Contact Us.”


Backing Up Files

Backing up files is the main purpose of using an online file storage service and our My PC Backup review found that you can takes steps to schedule your backup times. The default time granted you after set up of the service is 8PM, but you can go to “Settings” tab and choose your desired backup time. Scheduling a backup time is recommended for the evening and you should disable backups during the work day to save bandwidth usage during your busy hours.

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You can change which folders are scheduled for backup, you can also do this through by switching from “My Documents” to custom backup settings, then selecting which folders you want to backup. You can also set the file size limit, which is recommended at 1GB to 3GB. The default is automatically set at 1MB, so any file larger than that will not be automatically backed up.

You will also have to look at the “Excluded File Types.” The default on this setting does not allow certain files, such as AVI, MP3 and EXE files. If you have any documents that are saved in these file types, you will have to un-check these file types on the default settings of “Excluded File Types.”

If you are unsure what each of your files are saves as, then you should un-check these selected file so you do not loose anything when you upload it to this provider. You can start uploading your files you want to save by dragging and dropping those files in the “Drag & Drop” tab. This makes saving old files easier and quicker.

Sync Files

Sync files were discovered easy to use during our Mypcbackup review. You can sync 100MB of your files with other computers that have the MyPCBackup software installed. This service only allows you to backup up files on one computer, but you can sync those files with any number of computers.

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This provider sets a Sync Folder on your desktop, so you can easily drag and drop files into that folder. However, during our review, we found that it took up to 3 hours for these files to sync with the other computers, which was a little longer than most people want to wait. You can upload each file to a shared folder quicker.

Operating Systems That Work with MyPCBackup

Our My PC Backup review found that you can use this service on a number of operating systems, including OS used for these devices: iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows and the Kindle Fire. MyPCBackup has recently added the Linux OS onto its operating systems it can work with. However, you do need to check with each provider.

MyPCBackup Plans Available and Pricing

During the mypcbackup review, we found that this provider has three different plans:

  • Personal
  • Business
  • Reseller

Each one of the plans are specifically designed for each purpose. The Personal plan is used by individuals wanting to backup and share files from their computer. The Business plan is designed for larger companies and offers more file space that allows the company to control more of its files storage capabilities, as well as how many computers it wants to share these backed up files with. The Reseller plan is for individuals or businesses that want to make extra money through MyPCBackup by becoming an affiliate online storage provider using this service’s software and controls.

The pricing structure for each plan is based on three separate payment methods: monthly, semi-annual or annual. You can save more by paying for a longer subscription, but if you funds are limited, you can choose to only pay monthly. The prices range from $6 to $13, but if you use the Reseller plan, you will have to pay more monthly, but receive commissions off of your clients, which you can choose the price you charge each of these clients.


After conducting this quality MyPcbackup review, we found this to meet all of our requires and made our top 10 list of recommended services. MyPCBackup is one of the top rated online storage providers that remains stable throughout usage. It does have to cons, such as the additional cost of custom business features, but you will not be dissatisfied with this service if you choose to use it.

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