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SugarSync Review

Price: 9.99 Per Month

SugarSync is an online file storage service that has developed one of the largest cloud services in the industry.

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SugarSync is an online file storage service that has developed one of the largest cloud services in the industry. This provider offers clients a generous amount of data storage to make it a perfect option for online backup services, as well as sharing capabilities. This cloud storage service offers a dot-labeling system that is placed on each folder and can be synced or not synced to other computers.

Its synchronization feature allows you to go to its “Magic Briefcase” tab and sync any documents with a number of computers, whether those computers run on Windows or Mac operating systems. While this being one of the largest cloud providers, it can offer larger companies a host of features that can be customized to their needs.


Features on SugarSync

Since SugarSync is such a large company, our SugarSync review had to look at a number of features. It can be broken down to the most important features most users look for in a cloud provider. Here are some of the best features we found during our Sugar Sync review.

  • Automatic sync
  • Security encryption
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Connects to any operating system
  • Availability anytime, from anywhere
  • Unlimited storage capabilities, but at a cost
  • Business services
  • Several pricing structures
  • 30-day Trial period
  • Synchronization with any computer

While these are not all the exceptional features found on SugarSync, they are the ones most users look for in a provider. You can choose your features during set up or use the defaults during your trial period. This time gives you an opportunity to determine whether this provider will offer you everything you need.

Setting Up SugarSync

Our SugarSync review found that this cloud provider is one of the simpler to set up. It can be completed within 3 steps. It provides a unique feature during set up called “Download Help” that automatically appears during the process. This program allows the less technically proficient users to follow the instructions and easily connect their computer to SugarSync.


After installation, the program automatically goes through the process of checking which files you would like to backup on their system, as well as which ones require protection. If you are not sure which files you think require backup, you can use any of the tools whenever you like through the account tool bar.

Once you have selected which files you want backed up, the “Magic Briefcase” tab holds and secures those files, which can be accessed at anytime from an icon placed on your desktop or a mobile app. SugarSync continues to work even when you are not. The system re-assesses your folders and amends these folders automatically through its backup program. You have the ability to check this at anytime by clicking on the SugarSync logo on your tool bar.


Security Encryption Found During the SugarSync Review

Our review found that SugarSync offers the same encryption security that most cloud providers offer. It is not the best, but it does meet the industry standard. Its 128-bit SSL encryption programming is good enough for most users and offers the same security you would find through an online banking system. Even though it is not the highest protection you can find through a cloud service, our SugarSync review found it worked proficiently and secured all documents as well as any other online file storage center.


Space Limitations and Pricing

During the 30-day trial period, SugarSync only offers 30GB of storage space. However, like many cloud providers, pricing is determined by the amount of storage space you require. You can update this storage limitation at any time, but during the free trial you will be asked for your PayPal or credit card information, which is something our reviewers did not appreciate.

The pricing structure has two options, monthly and annually. As mentioned earlier, it also depends on storage space required. The SugarSync review found these four pricing structures to choose from:

  • 30GB are $4.99 monthly, $49.99 annually
  • 60GB are $9.99 monthly, $99.99 annually
  • 100GB are $14.99 monthly, $149.99 annually
  • 250GB are $24.99 monthly, $249.99 annually

You can purchase more than space at additional costs, but you will need to contact customer support and talk with a representative before you can choose this additional space. However, the SugarSync website does offer an introductory price of $39.99 monthly or $399.99 annually for 500GB of storage space, but that price will change after the first year.

While these pricing structures and storage limitations are considered high for our quality standards, they are within our recommended providers pricing range. We did find an affiliate program that will pay you for joining forces with SugarSync and recommending or selling their cloud services to other users. This affiliate program offers you:

  • High click to trial period, as well as trial to subscription payments
  • Competitive revenue payments
  • A 90-day Cookie
  • Provides different landing pages to better secure sales
  • You can work with an affiliate representative to customize what you require and can use on your website to promote SugarSync services

It does cost extra per month to join the affiliate program, but you can make that funds back and even enjoy additional revenue by joining.

Advantages and Disadvantages Found During SugarSync Review

Very few reviews offer the advantages and disadvantages of a cloud provider during their review. However, depending on the service, our cloud specialists like to mention what they found to be the best part of their SugarSync review and what they found was not the best part of using this provider.

SugarSync Advantages

  • File Version. One of the best advantages of using SugarSync was the ability to retrieve their files quickly in case they overwrote the file. This feature was quicker than any of the other providers we have reviewed.
  • Sync Automation. SugarSync automatically syncs all files without you having to take any other steps. Some cloud providers require you to click an additional tab.
  • Streams Digital MP3. The product allows you to stream music without the help of another program.
  • Mobile Device Syncing. SugarSync allows you to access any of your files through any mobile device. This makes getting a file that is not normally accessible without a laptop or desktop computer, more accessible and you can even upload photos that you take instantly on your phone to your SugarSync folders.

SugarSync Disadvantages

  • Several times we found SugarSync to lock our files as we uploaded them to our account. This cause a permission error and we had to upload those files again. However, it only seemed to happen when we used Windows XP or Vista 64-bit operating systems.
  • SugarSync has a tendency of decreasing your bandwidth during uploading of a file. It is unknown why it slows down your connection speed, but SugarSync does know about the problem and has been attempting to improve this disadvantage.


Our SugarSync review found that this service is best for users that backup and share a lot of documents, videos and files. Technically, this provider is the one of the more advanced because it continually improves its technology when it comes to its business services. The provider is easy to use and offer help videos that can easily be followed.

However, the pricing is a bit high and you may find that you do not use all the features you are paying for.

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