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Our YouSendIt review found that this cloud service uses a seven layers of security strategies. From your movies to your important business documents, you can be rest assured that this cloud provider offer one of the best security features available.

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Cloud computing and storage capabilities have become the way every smart business owner and individual Internet user has began using to store their data and share those files. Even though this is a newer technology, YouSendIt has taken this storage method to a new level. This cloud provider has won all the prestigious awards given to this type of industry because of its innovative cloud technology and continuing upgrading of this method. Our YouSendIt review has found that this service has members in 193 countries and more than 20 million members already registered. This means that this cloud service is not new to the industry.

Cloud storage is a remote file sharing and online data storage service that offers clients the ability to protect their documents, movies, pictures and other information, as well as share any of that data with others. Millions of people and businesses have found this data storage business to be the cheapest way to protect and store their files.

YouSendIt Features

Everyone looking for a secure way to store and share their data looks at cloud storage services, primarily because of its ease of use and price. However, before you choose a cloud service, you want to know about a providers features and what it really offers its members. YouSendIt has some of the best features found in the industry.

  • Complete coverage – You can get onto the website at anytime from anywhere
  • Share large files
  • All work is logged and tracked
  • Emailing services
  • App for Desktop
  • Mobile device capabilities
  • Can save files for use offline
  • Can sign documents
  • Add text to documents
  • Fill out forms
  • Fax services
  • Competitive pricing
  • Several packages available

Security Provided

Our YouSendIt review found that this cloud service uses a seven layers of security strategies. From your movies to your important business documents, you can be rest assured that this cloud provider offer one of the best security features available. Any files you upload and download are secured during transmission. You never have to worry about some hacker breaking into your files. It will take a lot of to hack your files, but it has been known to be done. However, this service will continually increase its security features for its members. It currently only uses a 128-bit encrypted service and many of its competitors are using 256-bit encrypted service.

Storage Capacity

During the YouSendIt review, we discovered that this cloud provider offers multiple storage options. You can receive 2GBs to unlimited storage capacity, depending on which package you choose to purchase. Businesses can contact customer support and have a package designed for their needs. YouSendIt understands that businesses require more storage space, but still want to save on overhead. You can choose one of the basic business packages or have one customized for your business needs.

How Easy is YouSendIt to Use

Our YouSendIt review found this is an easy provider to use. You can use its email services to contact your authorized users and this service providers a 14-day trial period to determine if the service works best for everything you need to backup. This trial period does not limit your storage capacity, but you will have to choose the right plan that fits your data limit needs.

Tracking Capabilities

One thing our YouSendIt review thought was important to mention because it was one of the features found that a cloud service offers is this online backup providers tracking capabilities. When you upload a file, you are sent a confirmation email. Whenever one of your authorized sharing partners downloads that new file, you are sent a confirmation email. Anytime a file is updated or changed, you receive a confirmation email detailing who made the change and when that change was completed.

This provides a paper trail for your records and documentation for any auditing that you want to complete. By doing this, you will never have to worry about whether a client or family member ever received the file you shared with them.

Pricing Packages

YouSendIt understands that many people work within a budget. For this reason, our YouSendIt review found that this cloud offers multiple pricing plans. You can limit your storage capacity or get a plan that is unlimited.

  • Lite plan – Free, but only offers 2GBs of storage and limited features
  • Pro plan – $9.99 monthly or $99.99 yearly for 5GBs of storage and some additional features
  • Pro Plus plan – $14.99 monthly or $149.99 yearly for unlimited storage and all features, but limits file size to 2GBs
  • Business plans – This plan is customized to your business requirements, you have to contact sales before subscribing to these plans, but you can use this service for a free trial period

These pricing packages fall within the middle of most of our top 10 cloud providers, but does offer an unlimited plan that some do not offer. If you plan on backing up unlimited data, then this is the best package for you. The business plans also allowed multiple computer to access one subscription account.

Support Services

Our YouSendIt review found that this cloud service offers excellent customer support services. It is easy to use and offers a Faqs page where most of your questions will be answered. However, in the event that you do not find what you need, you can always contact this service directly. The Pro Plus plan offers direct customer support with a representative by speaking with that service, emailing that service or through live chat. Any other package only allows email contact.


Our YouSendIt review found that this service easily falls within our top 10 lists of best clouds. We looked at every aspect of the service by using it before we found all of its features. The limited services can only be found with the free plan and the Pro plan. The service only allows you to store old files for 14 days, which was disappointing and the largest file you could send was limited to 2GBs, which we consider a disadvantage.

The unlimited downloads and storage capacity is always a feature we believe is an advantage. The business plans were designed to our needs and did not limit the number of computers that YouSendIt would work with for one subscription. This is an excellent service for tracking capabilities. If you are a company or individual that wants to keep track of all your files and the changes, sharing or uploads performed, then this is the cloud provider for you.

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